How to Make a Good-looking YouTube Thumbnail with DesignCap

Surely you have ever heard of Canva. It is an online graphics tool with which to create designs using templates. It has different sizes and formats according to the social media in which you are going to post, which is quite useful for making quick and simple designs. But it is not the only graphics design software available in the market.

One of the alternative services is DesignCap. This has been developed by PearlMountain. It is used to exclusive in helping users to design poster and flyer. But this month, it is updated to be a one-stop graphic design tool. So, you can use it to design all your social media profile.

In this post, you will know how to make your YouTube Thumbnail with this program. The operation is dead-easy. Look no further; let’s check out how does the program works.

How does it work to help you to design YouTube Thumbnail

Filter thousands of well-designed templates to edit

The operation of the application is quite simple. You just have to land its website, choose one of the many available templates and modify them to your liking. Depending on your creativity, you will have more or fewer customization.

The application classes the templates into different categories, namely Marketing, Social Media Header, Social Media Post and Event. Each of the templates has a size adapted to each medium. As in this post, it is to learn how to make YouTube thumbnail 1280 X720 px, just give a click to this category and enter the editing canvas.

Customize the template you select

That said, once you have selected the template you can modify it completely. That is, you can change the images using some of the image bank or the files of your own gallery, typography, icons, and colors, etc. You can also rearrange the layers to get effects.

Save and download your works

A new function, the cloud-storage is new added that would enable you to save your works to this program. DesignCap is freemium so you can use it free with limit resources. Also, it has two other plans for you to enjoy more brilliant features.


Everything is done by clicking, dragging and dropping. You just have to edit on the part you want to modify, choose any designing elements and insert it. It is effortless and the result is quite good. You can change any corner of the template, from enlarging or rotating the photos to adjusting the space between the letters, the typographic family and their colors. If you are looking a tool to create a quick design to share in your social networks, then the truth is that it is more helpful to use an application than choose Photoshop, Illustrator or any other editing program.

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