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How To Receive The Maximum Profit From The Sale Of Your Amazon Business

Most of 2020 was fraught with confusion and apprehension across businesses of all sorts. However, things have been steadily improving and looking brighter. In case your business decisions had also been a part of the slowdown witnessed last year, then now may be a good time for restarting your thought process. Especially, if you are considering putting your Amazon FBA business for sale. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) saw a record influx of new sellers over the early part of last year to boost their sales by utilizing the massive infrastructure that Amazon provides. Irrespective of whether you wish to move on from the daily aspects of business management, or whether your business has become too large for you to handle, the time may be ripe to plan your business-exit strategy and move ahead to other things with a sound return on your original investment. Click on the link to learn more about this:

Meanwhile, here are a few helpful steps that you can take to ensure you receive the maximum profits once you complete the sale of your Amazon business.

Factors That Influence The Value of Your FBA Business

Before you learn how to derive the most gains, you need to understand some of the important factors on the basis of which buyers will evaluate your business.

Age of the Business

All buyers are looking to buy a steady and stable enterprise which is easy to market and expand upon. A common notion is that businesses that have been around for 3 years or more have gone through the early teething issues and are deemed to have stronger track and sales records than the newer ones.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Another aspect that attracts buyers is having a diverse inventory with an assortment of products. Businesses offering just a single product are deemed riskier as the entire revenue is dependent on the demand of that single product, which may change anytime.

Brand Recognition

If you have your own brand which is legally registered and protected, then this will make you stand out from the other sellers and make your business more attractive to potential buyers. Some level of niche goes a long way in increasing the valuation of your Amazon FBA business for sale.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Featuring in the Amazon Best Sellers Ranking table greatly enhances the reputation of your business. It has an automatic connotation of quality and service which puts you ahead of the pack.

Next Steps

Valuation of Your Business

After understanding and improving the underlying factors, the next step should be to get a proper and thorough valuation done for your business. Seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) is one of the ways of doing this, in which the current profits and earning potential are considered to put a ballpark price tag on the business. Other forms may include the use of factors like EBITDA etc, as well, but the purpose remains the same – which is to see how much your business makes and can keep making for the new buyers.

Organize Your Financials

If you have decided to put your Amazon FBA business for sale, then it is vital to have all your books organized and sorted. Having accurate, detailed and verifiable financial records ready is a sign to the likely buyers that you run a tight ship and your business has no holes in it. If these reports indicate a healthy revenue and historical performance, then your chances for a high valuation are greatly increased.

Other Suggested Steps

While looking for potential buyers you need to keep in mind 2 important considerations which most buyers use while making their decision. The risk being taken by the buyer in the purchase of your FBA business, and the return they can expect on their investment. All your efforts need to be geared up and aligned to address these two chief requirements. Some of the steps you can take in this direction include:

Highlight Buyer Risk

Everyone appreciates when the other takes extra steps. By conducting your own due-diligence and highlighting the associated risks, it shows an effort towards business transparency. Moreover, if you can further take steps or make suggestions to reduce or mitigate these risks, then this will go down very well with the buyers.

Aim for Business-As-Usual

Another form of reducing potential risk is by ensuring the future operations can run the same, smooth way they have been running presently. Unless the buyer has their specific plans in mind, they will appreciate the continuity of business with the retention of proven processes, people, supply chain, vendors etc.

Register a Separate Company

For those who have not already done so, you should consider registering your business and safeguarding yourself from any personal debt or liabilities after the completion of the sale.

Key Takeaways

While it is your decision when to put your Amazon FBA business for sale, it needs to be sufficiently thought out. Using the tips provided above you can aim to increase the existing and potential value of your business, thereby receiving the maximum returns in the process.

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