How to Stand Out as an Online Business
Standing out from the crowd can be difficult, but we have some tips to make it easier

How to Stand Out as an Online Business

In a world that is increasingly experienced online, it can be difficult to be heard amongst the noise. More businesses than ever are conducting their sales via websites, offering promotions to those on their mailing lists and investing hundreds of thousands in their online marketing budgets. All of this is great news for consumers, but it can be daunting for those with a fledgling online business. If you’re struggling to stand out from the crowd then we have some online marketing tips for you that could help to make all the difference. Better still, they require almost no marketing budget.

Entice New Customers with an Offer

The online gaming sector is enormous and ultra-competitive, so taking a look at how newcomers stand out from the crowd is a helpful place to start. For new online casinos, it can be particularly difficult to get a loyal customer base, as there are already so many well-established players to grapple with. One way that new casinos can stand out is by offering the most competitive deals possible. Most people head to sites like Vegas Slots Online to check the deals that are available at a casino before signing up, to ensure that they find the best welcome bonus that they can. As well as this, Vegas Slots Online also rates casinos according to the deposit options available, the number of games that they offer, and safety and security. They have a whole section for new casinos and in order to stand out, not only must the deal be exceptional, but they also have to score highly in the other tests too. However, some people are willing to compromise on an aspect such as deposit options if they get a more valuable bonus. If you run an online business where bonuses could encourage customers to choose you over a competitor then you should consider working one into your business plan.

Become Your Own SEO Expert

Getting to the top of Google is easy if you have the know-how
Getting to the top of Google is easy if you have the know-how

A lot of people hear about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and their mind clouds over. It sounds intimidating, but it’s really quite simple. Whilst you could simply outsource,check the benefits of investing in SEO it’s easier than you think to become good at it yourself. Search engines are designed to fetch the user the result that most closely matches what they’re looking for. They have all sorts of ways of doing this, but most of them are nothing more than common sense. Keywords that the user types into the search bar will be scanned for in websites, so it’s worth including keywords in prominent parts of your website, for example, H1 and H2 text. With that said, search engine crawlers will notice if you type endless strings of keywords, so bear that in mind when writing copy for your site.

As well as including keywords, make sure to provide alternative text for all of your images. Search engines love well-placed and relevant imagery and accurately describing what is in your images in the alt text is essential to make sure the crawlers pick them up. Finally, including links to sources in your website can help to align you with other credible websites, helping you jump further up the search rankings. For a final boost, guest blog for other sites and include a link to your own site within the post. All of these links will help to make your site look like an important one, the sort of site a user would be looking for.

Create Customer Loyalty with a Referral Scheme

A customer loyalty program or loyalty cards work brilliantly in coffee shops, but in the Wild West of the internet, they just don’t cut the mustard. Instead of posting out cards to your customers, create a referral scheme. Airbnb is a great example of a company that does this really effectively. They make money from the commissions generated when a customer stays at a property. Therefore, getting the maximum number of properties on their site is imperative. So, they offer their customers a cash incentive for referring a property owner to them. This gets them a new property and a happy customer. Not everyone’s business will work in exactly the same way, but if you can find a route that works for your business then you should seriously consider setting up a referral scheme. Your existing customers will love it and you’ll find yourself lots of new ones too.

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