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Key Facts to Keep In Mind While Hiring a Bail Bond Service

A jail term is something that everyone tries to avoid, but sometimes circumstances can be forceful enough to face jail time. Does this resonate with your case? Or, are you looking out for a friend or family member? Whichever be the scenario, if you are unable to post the bail, then you should immediately consult with a bail bondsman service like the Franklin County Castle Bail Bondsman.

That being said, there are numerous services to choose from over the internet. In this day and age of flashy signs and ad campaigns, it can get quite unnerving to figure out the right one for your needs. We have compiled the following post that lists all the essential tips that you need to keep in mind while hiring the best bail bond service out there.

The 5% bail bond myth

The 5% bail bond is a gimmick, and the truth is far from what you see in an advertisement. Since price is the most crucial factor in choosing a service, many firms try to get your business and attention with outrageous claims like negotiation and lower bail and the 5% bail bond service. However, it would help if you kept in mind that a court sets the bail amount, and no service has any authority regarding the matter. Additionally, most bail bonds are the usual 10% of the bail amount, so it is better to stay away from underhanded tactics and services that operate likewise.

About collateral

Now that we have ascertained that the bail bond’s cost is non-negotiable, there is some leeway when it comes to making the payment. There are several reputable services out there that enable you to make easy payments through credit cards or payment plans that will suit the individual affected. However, before you sign the contract, make sure you read the fine print to avoid incurring hidden charges. Also, keep in mind that not every bail bond service requires you to put in collateral. So, this information could be vital when looking for the perfect bail bond service.

Licensure and details

All the U.S. states require bail bondsman and similar services to have a license from the Department of Insurance. It is imperative as doing business with an illegal firm will do you no good. Always check the licensure and other documents before signing up.

Qualifying for bail

The truth is that not everyone qualifies for bail, and it is vital to keep this fact in mind. You can be denied bail, or the court can cancel any posted bond on your behalf, depending on your charges. Additionally, remember that the time will vary depending on the severity of the infarction.

In-jail solicitation

You must avoid the bail bondsman and services that solicit from the jail. Keep in mind that state laws are prohibiting the obtaining of business from jail premises. This can lead to further complications down the line, and you must avoid it at all costs. The best bail bond service will offer their service anytime, anywhere, and any jail. Keep this mind before picking up the phone. All the best!

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