Selecting Fun Party Boat Rentals

What to Look for When Selecting Fun Party Boat Rentals

Imagine cruising over crystal waters with your buddies, your favorite music in the background, and views stretching to the horizon. Party boat rentals let you take your party to the water, offering a unique way to celebrate any occasion.

It can be tough to get started planning a party. Even small pontoon boat parties take quite a bit of thought. How do you take the stress out of it?

Our guide can help you plan your next boat party. Read on before you hit the water!

Party Boat Rentals

Party Boat Rentals by Group Size

The first step when planning a party on the water is to think about numbers. Once you have sent out invitations and made a guest list, you need to ask which types of boats would suit your party. Do you need a small pontoon or a large yacht?

Boat hire companies will be happy to advise you on your choice of vessel. Make sure there is ample room. It is worth spending a bit extra to avoid a cramped experience!

Determine Your Budget

A yacht party with the right company can be surprisingly affordable, so ask about group discounts and all-inclusive packages. Certain itineraries will cost more, so decide where you want to go. You could ask your party boat company for their favorite spots in the area.

You should always ask what services you can take care of yourself. Catering – we’re getting to that – can be put together with a group of friends. You can skip the fancy waiters unless that’s your style!

Entertainment and Catering

You want your favorite tunes when you’re cruising on the open water. Decide how you will set up your sound system and what services the company offers. A small stereo would suit a small pontoon party, but a yacht party may even demand a skilled DJ!

Food and drink are some of the trickiest parts of planning a party. Make sure you account for the tastes of your guests. For large parties, you could send out questionnaires before the date to find out about allergies and food choices.

What’s Your Theme?

Your theme will determine how you decorate your boat party. If you want to set up a romantic vibe, you should design your theme to match  – unless you want to push the proverbial boat out and break the rules!

Birthday parties should have fun at the forefront. Bright colors, games, and even fancy dress could work well here. Think about the ages and personalities of your guests, then dream up a theme that appeals to everyone.

Think About Safety

Sorry to put a downer on things, but boat parties still need safety precautions. After all, you are on the water!

There should be a first-aid-trained lifeguard in your host’s team. Lifejackets are essential even if you are all strong swimmers. You should have at least 1 fully-equipped first aid kit with an automated external defibrillator (AED) on board.

Check the quality and age of the types of boats your hosts use. Their team should be certified with full boating licenses in your state. You could also ask how long they have been in business to check their experience.

Party on the Water

We hope this party boat rentals guide helps you plan a party to remember. Whatever the occasion, these tips will help take the stress out of the process. Boat parties are all about fun, right?

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