Peru: A Souvenir Country

Peru is a wonderful destination, this country offers you beautiful sights, being in contact with nature, see all the flora and fauna of this place. Peru is a magic place and if you are sad about leaving this country, you can take home a piece of Peru with you. How? With souvenirs. Peru has many kinds of souvenirs created for each person.

There a huge range of souvenirs but we will show you the most common.

Andean clothes (textiles)

There are many types of clothes and accessories as pants, sweaters, scarfs, gloves or the Peruvian beanie, the chullo. The bright colors on these garments are representative of Peruvian culture.

Most of these clothing are handmade, you will be able to see the details and feel the texture of the garment.

This is a souvenir that you must have, this will always remember you of your visit to Peru.

Andean clothes

Alpaca clothing

The best baby alpaca clothing is from Peru, these garments are made with the best quality. You will be able to find from luxury sweaters to traditional ponchos. These products are hypoallergenic, so if you are allergic to wool this clothing is perfect for you. Also is very soft and warm, the alpaca fiber is seven times warmer than other types of fibers.

Alpaca clothing


The culture of a country will always be represented by its art and Peru is no exception. These paintings are very traditional and became part of the Peruvian culture. Almost every Peruvian family has one. Most of them are women working in the field. The artists represent their beliefs, the way they live and their work.


There are also paintings of fruits, flowers or landscapes of this beautiful country. This painting will change the look of your home, plus when you see it you will remember all the memories that you made during your trip in Peru.


Peru has a wide variety of sweets and foods, the favorite products by foreigners are sweets, especially chocolate because Peru is a cocoa producer. There are also cookies, snacks, drinks and other sweets that are characteristic of the country and that enchant the world for their flavor.

If you don´t like the sweets you can try some salty products as chifles (fried bananas), peanuts, fried potatoes, and more snacks than you definitely will love.


There are prices for all pockets, you will be able to find economical products and some a little more expensive, it’s already in you to choose which one you want to buy.

Ceramics (pucará bull)

These bulls are very famous, its aspect made that the people found them curious. Also, these bulls are beautiful figures for decoration, every bull has a color and each color means something.

Usually, there are two bulls, one presents a man and the other, a woman. There are many colors and each one has a meaning:

  • Red means love and protection for the home.
  • Green means, good economic, health and fertility.
  • White is for peace at home
  • Black represents protection against envy

These are some of the colors of the Pucara bulls.



If you have kids, you have to buy dolls for them. Peru makes beautiful handmade dolls, there are classic dolls but as Andean version, barbies with Peruvian clothes, also there are dolls as animals made by alpaca fiber, there are bears, alpaca, llama, dogs, etc.

Its fluffy texture and its cute face made everyone fall in love with these beautiful dolls.


If you haven’t visited Peru yet but you fell in love with all these products, you can visit Tinkuy, in this online shop you can find many souvenirs as baby alpaca clothing, painting, home decor, dolls, etc.

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