Reverend Technologies Pvt Ltd

Reverend Technologies Private Limited

India has overcome several obstacles over the years, including shifting economic situations. However, a new breed of entrepreneurs—young, aspirational, educated, industrious, and driven—have also emerged as the ecosystem has grown over time. One such company that has made a pivotal role in the massive growth of young talent is Reverend Technologies Pvt Ltd. Know in detail about Reverend Technologies in this article where we’ll take you through the history and background of the company, what services they offer, about their testing centre, what makes the company unique, genuine reviews of the company and finally how one can contact them. 

About Reverend Technologies Pvt Ltd

Established in the year 2012, on 1st June, Reverend Technologies Private Limited is an Indian Non-government company. The company is categorized as a company limited by shares and is a private, unlisted company. The company’s only goal is to offer high-calibre results that aid clients in achieving their business objectives. In other words, Reverend firmly believes in identifying, supporting, and utilizing the greatest talents.

About Reverend Test Center 

Reverend Test Center is all about satisfying the basic needs of people to maintain an examination body. It offers a top-notch and hassle-free experience to its candidates. Being a high-quality test centre, it provides a secure testing environment. Besides, you can enjoy doing your work in a peaceful, distraction-free environment as every candidate will be under ongoing surveillance. 

What Services Do Reverend Technologies Private Limited Offer?

The Reverend Technologies Pvt Ltd company offers various additional computer-related activities, such as maintaining third-party websites and developing multimedia presentations for other businesses. Simply put, being a business services company it specializes in business services. 

Both clients with short-term needs and clients with long-term vacancies can get staffing solutions from the company. This covers answers for tasks, contract-based openings, and long-term employment. Reverend Technologies Private Limited also offers BPO services and software-related services are provided to both domestic and foreign clients. 

What Makes The Reverend Technologies Private Limited Renowned?

Wondering what makes Reverend Technologies Pvt Ltd renowned? The company has received around 1900 reviews and hopes to build a strong following of customers. The company has also obtained certifications for its credentials, such as Jd Verified and Jd Pay. Via its products and services. All the company aims at is to create a satisfying experience for its customers through excellent services by its staff members.  

The place offers facilities like parking, lift computers as well as a clean and well-maintained environment. The company is a commitment to every customer, and it is this conviction that has helped the company forge enduring connections. The company prioritizes the provision of top-notch products and/or services along with ensuring a favourable client experience. Surely it is the best firm to rely on and achieve your goals. 

The Reverend Technologies Pvt Ltd- Address, Timing and Contact Details

Furthermore, for more queries or information, you can reach out through:

Reverend Technologies Private Limited Address- Reverend tower- No. 16, 2nd main road, JC industrial estate, Yelachenahalli, (off Kanakapura main road) Bangalore. Pin code- 560062

Reverend Technologies Private Limited Contact No- 9035897444/ 2955 5945

Reverend Technologies Private Limited Email- 

Reverend Technologies Pvt Ltd Business Website- 

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