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Rugs Vs Carpets- Which One Is Best To Decorate Home

Rugs and carpets both are the terms used to denote thick cloth for floor covering. Technically, there are lots of differences between the two. Rugs are used to cover floors of specific areas whereas the latter one is used for the covering of the whole floor and also wall to wall covering. Both can be used to decorate home and are basically used for floor covering. Now, it depends upon the requirement and event that will decide which one you should buy for home decor. Below are the factors which will help you choose the perfect among rugs and carpet category:-

  • Design and colors:- Compared to the carpet which has limited designs, rugs come up with many artistic and appealing designs. Rugs are available in various stylish colors and different shapes which adds up to your home beauty. Rugs are comparatively lesser in size than carpet thereby making it easy for the user to shift it from one place to another. Thus, you can easily replace the rug’s design to change the decor of your home but this is not with the case of carpet. There are many good design options available for kids room rugs so rugs are always better options for a new type of positive energy for kids.
  • Slipping surface:- Carpets are glued with sticky items to remain attached to the floor through cohesion. This blocks the carpet to move along the floor thereby increasing the safety against slipping. Carpets create a layer of insulation and warmth to the floor which is very beneficial for crawling children and elderly people. The dust and the germs of the floor are thereby restricted too. Rugs are more prone to slipping. Due to its small size in a specific area, it can be easily moved and are not sticky to the floor. Unsecured rugs can be a life-threatening hazard for elderly people.
  • Decoring the home:- Both the items may be used for decorating the living room. Carpets, when spread over the entire home floor, can increase the beauty of rooms. The carpet adjoins the adjacent rooms with their looks on the floor and can make small rooms look larger. The wall to wall carpeting unifies different rooms. The rugs can decor the room by covering the traditional wooden patches, floor spots, or any cracks on the floor. The unwanted look of the floor due to rough surface at some places can be easily covered with rugs. After all, the various stylish design of rugs increases the attractiveness of guests.
  • Complexities in washing:- This should also be kept in mind that washing could be a hectic task with the carpet. If the surface easily gets attracted by the dust and dirt then the carpet is not a good choice. Rugs are easy to wash and easily movable.
  • Smells:- After the carpets are installed with glue on the floor, it takes several months to get rid of offensive chemical smells. Carpet develops wear patterns in heavy traffic areas where the gathering is most common. The smoothness of the carpet also gets disrupted if not properly set or within a few months if the quality is low. Carpets create a sense of cohesion in the space. Whereas no such thing happens with the rugs. Easily washable, easily movable, and easy maintenance reduces extra worries.

Both carpets and rugs have their own ways to present the beauty of the room. Prefer one among the two which caters to your need and requirement along with the stylish and colorful design.

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