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The Electrician Atlanta Warns You About Common Electrical Problems

When household electrical appliances and power lines start causing problems, you should prioritize your safety, as well as that of your family’s. Regardless of how insignificant the issue seems, you mustn’t hesitate to contact Quality Electricians Of Atlanta. Increased electricity bills, lights flickering now and then, and electrical appliances sustaining irreparable damages are all signs that prove you need an electrician in Duluth at the earliest.

electrician in Duluth
  1. Power sagging and dipping: So, what kind of signs should you watch out for? The first one is when you notice sagging and dipping in your power supply. Experts usually blame faulty devices connected to your electricity grid. Manufacturers of these gadgets generally use substandard materials to fabricate them. As a result, they draw more power than needed when you turn them on.
  1. Constant electrical surges: Electrical surges can result from a lot of things, including damages sustained by the power lines, lightning strikes, below-par appliances, inept wiring, and more. An incident of a power surge doesn’t last longer than a microsecond, but if it happens constantly, it’ll affect all electrical components installed within your home.
  1. Frequent tripping in the circuit breaker: Devices, such as a hairdryer or microwave oven require high wattage to run. Understandably, they trip the circuit breakers, especially if you use other machines needing too much power to run. In doing so, you push the circuit breaker to its limit. Circuit breakers protect your power lines and home. So, if it trips, you’ll know it’s doing what it should.
  1. Dimming or glowing brightly: Take a look at all the light sources installed within your house. If you see one or more of them glowing brightly while others appear to be dim, then you’ll know there’s a problem.
  • Issues are common if you use different light variants needing different wattage levels.

The primary neutral connection is inappropriate for your house. Until you get a professional to fix it, the problem will remain

5. Switches don’t work: If the light switches aren’t adjusting the way they should, the situation will eventually lead to problems. It’s usually a result of sub-standard installation work or products. If you recently moved into a new property, and if the switches can’t activate anything, contact an electrician in Atlanta to get them inspected and repaired.

  1. Overloaded circuits: Circuit overloading is yet another cause of frequent tripping of circuit breakers. Almost every house and apartment doesn’t have as many power points as needed, even recently built ones. Here are a few ways you can prevent circuit overloading.
  • You should never daisy-chain the power boards.
  • Be careful about how you connect various devices around your house. Turn off everything you don’t need at that moment.
  • Unplug all devices that aren’t in use, including phone chargers. They draw electricity even when the switch is off.
  • Spread all your electrical gadgets around the house. You mustn’t put all the pressure on one circuit.

7. Massive electrical bills: This one is a problem affecting people all over the world. The best Electrician Duluth suggests doing the following.

  • Look for a more cost-effective electricity service provider in your region.
  • Patch the leaks that may be present in the water lines pumping hot water.
  • Get all damaged circuits and wires repaired at the earliest.
  • Pinpoint and segregate all electrical gadgets that may be causing power surges.
  • Unplug all chargers and other appliances you aren’t using at that moment.

8. Electric shocks: Electrical shocks are dangerous. Even if they don’t incapacitate anyone, the experience is a nasty one, to say the least. While they’re usually quite mild, static shocks are disturbing enough to remind you that it’s dangerous. If a device shocks you, you’ll know there’s a problem with the device or wiring.

  1. Recessed lights turning on and off: Usually, recessed lights come with safety devices that will cut the power when the bulb heats up more than necessary. If that happens, you’ll know you’re delegating too much wattage to the bulb.
  1. Burning out: Several reasons contribute to the burning out of light bulbs.
  • Excessively high wattage
  • Inept wiring in the circuitry
  • Insulation close to the light source
  • Light flickering due to inappropriate circuit connection
  • Inept wiring in the mains


If there’s a problem with your power lines, you should look for an electrician in Atlanta. Fortunately, Quality Electricians Of Atlanta are always available provided you know where to look for them.

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