The Hotels That Do Allow You To Keep Your Pets When You Are On Vacations

The Hotels That Do Allow You To Keep Your Pets When You Are On Vacations

People always have loved animals and liked to keep them as pets. Nearly every household in the country has a cat or dog or both as pets. Pets provide a loving and joyful companionship to everyone in the house. The antics and playful attitude of dogs and cats are loved by nearly everyone around the world. Tough dogs and cats have different characteristics, but both these animals love their owners and feel sad when you have to go to work and leave them behind.

A dog is known for its loyalty, and he usually sits up knowing when you come back home and would wag its tail and lick your face constantly to show happiness. Cats are not known to be expressive as dogs, but they do miss you and would usually cuddle and purr to show affection. Apart from cats and dogs, people also love to keep other animals as pets such as birds, fishes, rabbits, and other small animals. People do not know when animals such as dogs and cats were domesticated, but they have proved to be an excellent source of joy, happiness, and love. Cats were used to keep the rodent population under control, and they gradually formed a strong bond with humans, and now cats are one of the most loved animals, and it’s clear by the amount of attention they get on the internet due to their fun and touching pictures and videos. Dogs, on the other hand, were kept to safeguard a person and alert for any danger, and they soon formed a close bond with humans and known for their exceptional loyalty every day.

Cats and dogs have become an integral part of most houses, and a person and his family love to spend time with them. The kids in the house particularly form a special friendship with the pet, and the pet also loves to play and take care of the kids. Studies have shown that cats and dogs are known to provide you relief from stress and make you smile. The benefits of keeping pets are

  • They significantly enhance your mood and bring a smile on your face when you are feeling down
  • They help to lower the blood pressure
  • Keep you fit when you take the pet out for walks
  • Provides your company if you live alone and reduce stress
  • Kids growing up with pets are more aware of nature and learn to respect it

It is natural that if you have kept a pet, you make a deep connection and care for the pets’ needs by providing them good food, toys to keep them occupied, and also taking them out for walks. The problem comes when you have to on vacations or leave town and have to either call a pet sitter or admit your pet in a daycare facility. If you are going on a road trip and want your pet cat or dog to accompany you, then you must ensure whether the hotel you are going to stay allows pets or not. There are many hotels that do not allow pets to be kept, but there are hotels in Knoxville TN that allow pets. There are certain reasons why most of the hotels do not allow cats or dogs which are

  • The pet dog or cat is more accustomed to the surroundings of the house and may feel uncomfortable and make loud noises particularly the dogs that bark at a high volume
  • Dogs and especially cats are curious and can easily turn things of the hotel upside down. The pets can also shred the bedsheets, scratch the floor and walls.
  • Some of the guest staying in the hotel may be allergic to both cats and dogs
  • The cats and dogs have to relieve themselves and cleaning the hotel room can be quite costly
  • Many of the dog and cat breeds are quite large and may intimidate the guest and staff at the hotel
  • If the pet somehow escape from the hotel, then the pet owner can blame and sue the hotel for mismanagement

Nowadays many hotels have realized that many people love to keep their pets when traveling and would surely want accommodation for them. Hotels have realized that it is better to offer pet services rather than refusing a hotel room simply because you have a pet cat or dog. The trend of pet-friendly hotels is increasing, and some not only provide treats and toys but have built elaborate rooms offering splendid facilities that are offered in a pet daycare center or even better.

The pet-friendly hotels have separate rooms where your pet dog or cat can spend its time and enjoy the amenities. The pets are offered special treats, bedding, leashes, litter boxes, scratch poles, catnip, pet sitting, special food, and pet walking services. The pets are leashed on the hotel space and the hotel management also gives sheets that you can use to cover the hotel room things so that your pet can easily sit with you. The Quest Hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee, allows you to stay in the hotel and also keep your pet in special pet-friendly rooms. The hotel offers splendid amenities both for you and your pet. The hotel allows pets to stay, but there are some considerations that you need to know such as

  • Your pet must not be aggressive
  • The pet must be vaccinated and free from fleas.
  • The pet must be kept on a leash if walking around the hotel space
  • The pets must be put in the assigned rooms, and the waste must be disposed of quickly

As a pet owner, you will also be made to sign an agreement that any damage made by the pet would be compensated. The hotel staff also give you towels and cloths to clean the mess made by the pets.

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