Tech Making Online Bingo Slots Safe

The Tech Making Online Bingo Slots Safe

Creating any sort of interactive entertainment in the online space is a difficult task. With so much complexity and the unpredictable nature of users, anything that can go wrong eventually will. This issue is exacerbated even further when money is involved, where failures could cost both a business and its customers. This is the case with bingo slots, an enormous arm of the casino industry that continues to succeed despite the many possible pitfalls. Taking a look at some of the primary concerns of bingo slots and how they are addressed reveals that there’s more beneath the surface than we might think.

A Look in Context

Despite being extremely young when compared to the physical machines that inspired them, bingo slots have come a long way. For an illustration of this, a modern bingo site for slots has dozens of games leaning on a whole range of ideas and themes. From classic layouts like Gold Cash to modern properties like Rick and Morty, more of these titles arrive every month.

They’ve also long since moved from older downloadable systems, now accessible from desktop and mobile browsers alike. In other words, getting to play these games is easier than ever, but simplicity on the player side belies the complexities as taken on by the developers.

Modern HTML5 Security

When examining the security for online casino games, the first step comes from the website itself. As webpages, any larger security flaws could give access to bad actors, so this base layer acts as the first line of defense. Patching any holes which appear here starts from the work of website designers, but additional thanks also have to go to external security experts.

As a large industry, there are many individuals and teams who work especially for websites that manage large sums of money. These parties are often hired on top of regular IT staff to ensure everything is up to snuff and to keep track of new potential security flaws. Taking this idea a step further are the companies that lease their software systems to online casinos, rather than make it themselves.

One of the biggest examples of this in the modern standard of HTML 5 is found on payment systems. It’s not feasible for websites to develop these systems in-house, so by relying on accomplished and dedicated companies, they allow a higher level of safety than they could accomplish on their own.

The Testing Gauntlet

Looking directly at the bingo slots games, there is a similar issue as with payment systems. Games are seldom designed on-site and are instead licensed by major developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Yggdrasil. This puts the onus of testing on these developers, who need to run their games through enormous testing gauntlets before they go live. A mistake here could mean a player misses out on their winnings, or that a casino’s reputation suffers, so thoroughness is key.

While a lot of the work ensuring these games are safe is run directly by the programmers and QA teams, a more modern crucial component comes from artificial intelligence. Some of the problems that arise in the software are visible from the outset, but more hide well beneath the surface. Only through many hours and thousands of cycles can these bugs show their heads, and this level of testing isn’t viable for a human.

With the use of AI, however, testing can be streamlined significantly. Set an AI to run each bingo slot game through every combination and permutation of commands possible. Have it run much faster than a human could play for dozens of hours at a time, note when any errors come up, address them, and continue to run tests. Only when a system proves itself could it go online, where both websites and players can be sure that they’re safe.

Machine Learning

In the interactive online arena, the two sides of user-friendliness and developer complexity run contrary. When systems like online bingo slots seem simple, they’re in reality the exact opposite. Keeping these games safe is a constant battle with many confounding elements that need to be engaged by websites and the services they employ. While many of us enjoy the end products of these systems, sometimes it can be best to take a step back to see how far we’ve come. Don’t take the user-experience for granted, and you could get even more from the digital avenues you love.

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