Top 10 Fruits to Eat In Summer Season

Summer season is near to come and it’s the time when people feel very hot and dehydrated. Their energy level goes down and they feel stressed. To increase energy level they think what to eat in the summer season to face the hot weather.
Here we are sharing the best foods to eat in the summer season that will boost your body energy and keep you cool even in hot summers.


Watermelon is the seasonal fruit that comes only is summer and is the best food to eat. It contains more than 90% of water and helps to fulfill the water requirements of our body. It is full of antioxidants and gives amazing cooling experience to our body.


Curd is the most important part of our food in the summer season. It is a good food to cool our body temperature. We can take curd in many forms like simple curd, lassi, raita and many more.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is the best drink for the summer season. It is full of Vitamins, Minerals and other nutrients which are best for the human body in summer. The important thing is it is easily available on fruit shops and within budget.


Cucumber is also an important part of our food in the summer. It is full of water and loaded with fibre. We can take this with or without food in salad and its best to drop our body temperature in summer.

Green Vegetables

Eating green leafy vegetables is always good for the human body. They contain lots of water. Including them in daily food means no deficiency of water in our body. So we must concentrate on green vegetables in summer season to stay cool and fit in summer.


Oranges are the best fruit to eat in summer. They are easily available in marketing and a good source of Vitamin C. Eating oranges in summer regulates the blood pressure and boost the immunity system.


Mango is the king of fruits and a seasonal fruit available only in summer. We can’t avoid the health benefits of mangoes. Mangoes are the best source of Vitamin A and B6. They are low calorie and fiber-rich fruit and are a good source of antioxidants.
Melons are full of Vitamin C, Minerals, Potassium and water and are a great fruit to eat during the summer season. They are good to stay hydrated, cool and refreshed.

Lemon Water

Lime (Lemon) water is the most demanding liquid in summer. It is also called nimboo pani and mostly taken by all people. A glass full of lemon water keeps your body hydrated and cool and you will remain chilled in hot weather. We can take lime water with sugar or salt.


How we can forget banana? It is the fruit that is available the whole year. Bananas are full of potassium. When our body sweats in summer we lose lots of minerals like potassium and sodium. Taking a banana can recover the loss of minerals in our body. We can take banana directly and we can also take with the combination of milk in the form of banana shake.

There are many other eatables that we can take to stay cool and hydrate our body temperature like ice cream, juice, shakes, cold drink, rooh-afzah and many more.

At last, we say just take these fruits in summer and stay healthy and keep smiling.

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