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Top 10 Money-Making Apps to Use in India for Additional Income

In this generation, we all are addicted and getting more and more addicted to smartphones and the internet. Many of us just waste time on social media while some of us actually want to bring out the better use of the internet without wasting any time.

If you’re the one who is looking up for new ideas as to how to earn money with the help of smartphones, then you’re at the right place. Whether you’re a student, housewife or someone who wants additional income, then here are some of the best mobile trending money earning apps. Using these mobile apps you can make efficient and easy use of your smartphones to earn money.

Here are some of the apps where you can make additional income just by using smartphones.

1. Meesho

In today’s growing world, from buying groceries to sending flowers in any city can be done online through a smartphone. Now you don’t need to go out of your home for such things. You can even start your career online at home and earn money.

If you’re planning to earn money from home through your smartphone, then it’s time for you to start your business from home by using the Meesho app.

New opportunities are available for people, such as online selling apps, social media platforms, etc. With Meesho, you can take your career to new heights. You can download videos and photos of the products, and share on your social media pages.

To promote your brand online, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp plays an important role. Through Meesho, across 1 crore people from all over India, are earning from home.

You can sell the product of your choice; share the images on social media platforms to increase your sales. Attract more customers to your brand without investing anything. You can start your own career, and find success unfold in front of you.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards app, is a mobile survey tool in which your Google account is credited with cash every time you complete a brief survey. Games, apps, movies, TV shows, and books, you can get the most out of it for free on Google play store using the money you earn from Google Opinion Rewards app. All you need to do is install the app, stay updated and check regularly.

3. Loco

Lately, the talk of the internet universe has been the real-time mobile quiz show Loco, where you play, they pay. It invites users to play quiz, and if they answer all questions correctly, you earn real cash.

Multiple people are playing the quiz while the prize money is shared among the winners. It is one of the fastest-growing apps in India and more than 120,000 installs on Google Play Store.

Being an addiction for all of the United States, it is among the five gaming apps on the App Store. The more you play games, the more you win cash. It’s all fun now to earn money by playing games at home.

4. Frapp

Are you a student? Want to make more money by using your phone? Then Frapp is the right app for you to use and earn money easily. This app is best for students who want to get paid right after college.

This is the best trending app for teenagers and students who want to earn money through their phones using such money-making apps. Gaining real-world experience and getting paid by being able to learn- all that can be done using the Frapp app.

Getting a job with reputed companies, would involve going to the office and completing tasks. Even this can be done using the Frapp app.

Network marketing, campus ambassadors, volunteer work, event management, and jobs that match your interests and passion, lies in the app. Once you complete the tasks you’ll be rewarded with such work.

5. TapMango

Do you spend all your time on Facebook and Instagram, scrolling down the news feed and chatting? Make better use of your time and earn money by utilising your free time.

If you are having a large social following, then make use of it and be a nano influencer. Here all you need to do is to promote certain brands and products.

If you’re looking for such one app then, take no time and download the TapMango app. Get the best deals with the brands you love and get rewarded for it. For those who dream of being successful influencers can start with this app and reach success. Keep your brands and feeds exciting and eye-catching to earn a great regular income.

6. Slidejoy

You must be using a lock screen on your phone. But what’s the use of locking your screen with no benefits? Want to earn in an easy way just by using a screen lock app?

Download Slidejoy for keeping your screen lock. This app will reward you with cash; all you need to do is register on Slidejoy. You’ll get a card with news every time you unlock your screen.

For receiving awesome cash rewards or gift cards, just swipe, unlock, use and redeem the carats. Enjoy earning money in the easiest way just by using the Slidejoy screen lock app.

7. CashKarma

Download CashKarma; earn rewards and gift cards. Receive top branded gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, Starbucks, etc. and subsidize your purchase from the stores.

Try new products, complete surveys and shop for deals and earn Karma points. Unlock achievement badges and by levelling up you can receive extra bonuses too.

8. Userfeel

The easiest way to increase a website’s performance is through usability testing. It lets businesses see their website’s through the user’s eyes.

By using the Userfeel app, you need to participate in tests, explore new websites, perform simple tasks, give feedback. And guess what? You get paid to visit their site!

Want to become a tester? Then sign up as a tester on this app and get paid for testing websites. Get assigned for more and more tests depending on your ratings.

9. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is becoming one of the most trending money earning apps with more than millions of downloads from Google Play Store. What is stopping you to earn money just by using your smartphones?

Don’t waste time scrolling through news feeds for free and getting nothing in return. Download the Roz Dhan app where you can read and share articles, play games, do daily check-ins and get paid for such easy tasks!

10. Foap

We all love clicking photos with smartphones. But have you ever heard of being paid for the photos you click? Download the Foap app and turn your photos into money!

Both newbie and professional photographers can sell their photos to well-known brands all over the world for cash using this app. Isn’t it exciting, easy and fun doing? Make the best use of the Foap platform and get solid returns.


Thanks to the rapidly growing technology, that has provided the ability to earn money from home with the help of smartphones. Before investing your time and efforts into something you first need to know their operations in detail.

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