Thursday , September 16 2021
Cold Bath

Top 3 Benefits to Taking a Cold Bath

Most people only think of cold baths when it comes to cooling down from a hot day, but there’s more to this than simply sitting in ice.  Cold baths offer dozens of health benefits, aid your mood, and give you better skin. 

These are the top three changes you’ll see from taking a cold bath and why you should consider luxuriating in one soon!

Minimizes Pores and Wrinkles

The current culture around beauty and makeup is heavily focused on skin: but that’s not a recent development!  People have always wanted a clear complexion with as little redness and pore visibility as possible.  The smaller your pores, the less of a chance of dirt or oil getting stuck in them and acne forming.  Smaller pores also allow makeup to glide on smoother, encouraging your skin to take on a natural look underneath nearly any concealer or powder.

Luckily, cold bath benefits cause the skin to retract and tighten just slightly.  This minimizes the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and other lines that may annoy us on our bodies.  Although it can’t instantly cure acne or stop future wrinkles from forming, it can help take care of the wrinkles someone is currently dealing with.

Allows Shinier Healthier Hair

Heat damage to hair is a common issue that tons of people have to face.  From curling irons to flat irons, heat treatments, bow dryers, and of course: scalding water.  When you’re in an ice bath, you’ll notice that if you dip your hair down into it, you’ll have shinier and softer hair when it dries naturally.  This is because it doesn’t dry out the sebum layer of your skin and hair and instead allows it to stay glossy.

If you have natural curls or get perms, a cold bath can aid in the formation of rings while allowing them to set and stay for a longer time.  This will help you style and keep your hair however you want it, without dealing with using heat or damaging sprays or products to hold it there.  This can be aided even further if you lightly towel dry your hair and then let it air-dry the rest of the way.

Increase Your Circulation

Circulation is an important part of keeping our bodies functioning how we want them to.  Good circulation can increase your alertness, improve your mood, and encourage you to work out and be more active.  This means getting up just twenty or thirty minutes earlier in the morning and having a cold bath could be the secret to a successful workday.  Increasing your circulation can also improve heart and lung health while encouraging the body to heal faster. Although cold baths may have an unpopular public image, since so many think they’re just uncomfortable: they’re fantastic for your looks and your health.  After settling into the bath, your body will adjust, and it won’t be uncomfortable anymore.  If you’re curious about what a cold bath can do for you: give one a try!

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