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Top 5 Best and Most Active Freelancing Sites in 2020

Are you planning to start your career as a freelancer? Are you worried about how to find clients? Then no need to worry. There are lots of freelance sites that people use to find clients and work. From these freelancing sites, you can find clients/work easily. What you have to do is just create your strong profile on these freelancing platforms by adding maximum details about your skills, area of expertise, past projects, your education, your professional career and much more.

If you have complete and fully optimized profiles on freelance sites that you can get clients/work/projects easily. So here in this post, we are sharing the top 5 best freelancing websites that are most active and you must use it in 2020.

So let’s start with the list of top 5 freelancing sites of 2020 where you must create accounts and start your freelancing career.



Upwork is the most preferred freelancing website in the world. At Upwork, you will find thousands of freelancers for almost all services whether it’s digital marketing, web designing & development, graphic designing, video creation, product listing, image editing, and many more. In the past, Upwork was known as oDesk and Elance and now people know this website with the name Upwork. After creating a profile on Upwork you can bid on the client’s requests and if the client likes your offer then you will get that client. So all depends upon your profile and the bids you put on client requests. Upwork also offers its own time tracking app which will track your work and take screenshots of your screen so that client knows whether you are working or not. After completing job if the client is happy with your work then he can give you if you are planning to start a career as a freelancer then you must try Upwork



Fiver is another freelance website that is most preferred by freelancers. If you are starting your freelance career then you must try this website. On Fiverr, after creating a seller profile you can create gigs describing your skill and offered fee. If your gig is optimized then whenever any buyer search for services related to yours then your gig many visible to him and if like your offered services then he may contact you and in this way you can get the client. It is one of the best freelancing sites in 2020. Hereafter completing work buyers and sellers can leave feedback about each and the service offered. If you have done a good job then you can get the 5 Stars and it will help to increase the visibility of your gig and get more clients. So you must try Fiverr as a freelancing site in 2020.



It is another freelancing website that you should try to boost your freelance career. This is one of the best marketplaces where you can sell your skills and earn money as a freelancer. Like Fiverr here on PeoplePerHour (PPP) you can create perks describing your offered services. This freelance platform if best if you are offering digital marketing, web design & development, social media, audio, video, sales & marketing, lead generation, content writing or any other services. previous known as GetAFreelancer and GAF is one of the best freelancing sites for freelancers. Millions of businesses use to get their work done means listed freelancers earn much more from this website. If your profile is good and describes your services then there is a possibility that you can earn a big amount on



If you are starting your freelance career in 2020 then we suggest using this website as well. For freelancers it is a good marketplace where they can get clients related to any industry whether it’s marketing, content writing, image editing, video, audio, web design & development. Like Upwork and Fiverr has fewer freelancers so there is less competition and you can get clients/projects/work easily as compare to other freelance sites.

Other than these 5 best freelancing sites there are many other freelance websites that you can use like iWriter, 99Designs, HubStaff, Toptal, FlexiJobs and many more.

So here in this post, we have shared the top 5 best freelancing websites that you must use if you are starting or planning to start your freelance career in 2020. Every website has its own rules and regulations so follow all these rules and create stunning profiles on these freelance platforms and earn much more money.

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