Top 5 Contact Center Software Providers for 2020

Being part of the contact center of an organization, you would be in a constant battle to trace software and technologies that help simplify the communication process. Irrespective of what your business is and which domain does it operate on, contact center software has become a major part of the day to day engagement.

Not just because of the expanse of features provided by them but also due to the ease provided in terms of improving customer experience. Not sure how contact center services enhance your business’s productivity?

Customer interaction has traveled distances and today, they aren’t limited to just emailing or reporting on the website. The modern-day customers seek results faster and better. A simple software glitch or the incompetence in using a product, customers would right away pick up their phone and place a call to communicate the issue.

And such a form of communication is no longer limited to shady telemarketing businesses. From eCommerce stores to healthcare service providers, travel and tourism, finance, and retail, every industry today uses calling as their primary mode of communication. What’s best about this is the rise of cloud-based contact center solutions. This further streamlines communication eliminating geographical barriers.

Contact Center Software

Contact Center Software not just meet the needs of communication but comes with a wide variety of features that leads to the creation of a multifaceted hub, tailored to map evolving customer sentiments. Further, they are part of professional communication and aims at enhancing business presence.

Wondering how to get started with cloud-based contact center solutions? Well, you don’t have to worry about that. There are multiple vendors that provide end to end contact center solutions. From implementation to guidance and support, they help you gauge all the possibilities and integrate a smart channel for business communication.

To help you with the above, we have hand-picked five of the best contact center service providers that you can consider when planning to redefine your organizational communication funnel.

Top 5 Contact Center Service Providers to Lookout For in 2020

  • CallHippo

Talk about call center solutions and CallHippo leads the charts. It takes not more than five minutes to buy the contact center solutions and augment it within your workforce. Offering unparalleled services, they help you tackle all of the business needs and ease the way your support executives connect and communicate with customers.

With an easy-to-use interface, they provide an array of features starting with call queueing to live call transfer, call recording and IVR. The overall software solutions are scalable and ensure integration with third-party software in a hassle-free manner.  Additionally, using CallHippo call center solution, you can automate end to end communication and improve productivity on the go.

  • Cisco CJP

Excelling on the network automation front, Cisco CJP leads the charts as an excellent contact center solutions provider. It offers a wide variety of features starting with CRM integration to unifying customer information and facilitating omnichannel compiling. What comes as news is the added security features with respect to customer interaction. Cisco being a pioneer in the network security segment, spans the space further to build a secured and encrypted cloud software that enables end to end customer communication.

In addition to the above, Cisco CJP has embedded AI tools that further promote real-time analytics with significant insights on customers journey. Apart from the above, the software is self intuitive and easy to use, enabling businesses of all kinds to try their hands on it.

  • Zendesk

If you have ever scrolled through the customer portal of an organization or any call center firms, you would have come across the term powered by Zendesk. Even if you haven’t, let me tell you, this is one of the best service providers to enter into an agreement with. They have a proven track record of serving hundreds of companies with quick and rapid results. It takes them less than a day to shift your existing infrastructure to the cloud-based Zendesk software.


They provide the ease to give your customers an online guide to get started with the portal. With a vibrant community of people that share values and views, Zendesk creates a room where customers can impart education to each other. In addition to this, they have embedded AI features that provide significant insights into customer service.

  • Vocalcom

Another name in the list of top contact center solutions is Vocalcom. With well-crafted intelligence and AI tools, Vocalcom leads the space of smart communication. They are solely driven based on AI technology and takes immense pride in being one in the evolving customer space. Recently, they have added features like reduced wait time and call back queueing to further improve and enhance the rendered custom service. Vocalcom has an intuitive dashboard that beautifully displays all of the customer data, making it easier for you to make sound decisions.

  • Avaya Aura

If you are looking for a combination of contact center solutions, Avaya Aura would be a good place to invest in. They are among the fastest-growing call center solution provider with private, public, and hybrid solutions, as needed based on your business requirements. The AI solution provided them facilitates smart matching along with other insights and customer-related information.

The AI tool rendered can seamlessly be integrated with chatbots, machine learning, and other virtual assistants to improve the quality of customer service provided. A fascinating feature here is the AI’s ability to summarize the interaction with the customer and provide significant information in real-time.


Having said all of the above, the decision of choosing and utilizing the contact center software now rests in your hands. Before you set out to make the choice, outline your business requirements, and then align it with the offerings of the service providers. Remember there isn’t any best provider, all it depends upon your business and corresponding services needed. Services that map with your business needs is the one that is best for you. So be wise before you invest in them.

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