5 best cities for job seekers

Want to Work in America? These are the 5 best cities for job seekers

The unemployment rate has gradually decreased from 7.5 percent to 6.3 percent in the past 12 months. Several cities in the United States are also considered to have better job opportunities than others. Are you interested in looking for job opportunities there?

Based on a survey of 18,000 employees by ManPower, here are the best cities to find employment in the United States:

Austin, TX

Austin has the highest working-age growth, accompanied by increasing employment. The city is looking for the target of job seekers in the technology sector because the headquarters of Dell and IBM are here. Both companies employ 6,000 people.

Austin staffing also has many jobs for job seekers and professionals alike. What’s more, many HR institutions provide workshops, study groups, and networking opportunities that help workers explore their careers.

Currently, the unemployment rate is 4.7 percent and the average income is the US $ 29,000 per year. Austin is one of the cities with the highest job advertisements per capita, and one of the lowest unemployment rates compared to the job offer ratio.

Washington, DC

The state of the District of Columbia prides itself on having the highest number of jobs per capita of all cities there, with 110 jobs per 1,000 people. Juju.com reported that only two unemployed were found from every job vacancy advertised. The unemployment rate is 4.9 percent, with an average annual income of US $ 45,151.

As the center of government, the city offers the largest job vacancies, as well as educational institutions. Washington is one of the largest areas for education and health care. Also, it is the right place for companies to invest and create jobs.

The two educational institutions that have the largest employees are Georgetown University and George Washington University. Meanwhile, the two health care facilities with the largest number of employees are the Washington Hospital Center and the National Children’s Medical Center. Job seekers generally contact Project Empowerment, an apprenticeship program that helps DC residents with subsidized work find non-subsidized permanent employment opportunities.

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is known for its economic diversification in finance, healthcare, property, trading, and trucking. Some of its biggest employers include Target, University of Minnesota, and Wells Fargo. The University of Minnesota has a campus in Minneapolis, which offers programs that enrich the community, such as the annual Women’s Leadership Conference event.

After Wells Fargo and Target, the city is also one of the biggest venues for festival arts, such as the Minnesota Fringe Festival which helps keep local economies thriving. The unemployment rate is 4.0 percent, with an average income of US $ 30,127.

Virginia Beach, VA

A resort town, Virginia Beach is a great place for those of you looking for work in the tourism industry. This industry contributes to a very large economy, with 14,900 jobs serving 2.75 million visitors. The visits of the tourists alone provide an income of 73 million US dollars. The restaurant and entertainment industry also benefits directly from Virginia Beach tourism.

However, the city’s economy is also driven by businesses in the military and agribusiness sectors. The main companies headquartered in the city include Amerigroup, Christian Broadcasting Network, Operation Blessing International, and Stihl. Other major employers are GEICO, VT, and the Navy Exchange Service Command.

Thus, despite being the most densely populated city in the state of Virginia, Virginia Beach boasts a fairly high unemployment rate of 5.5 percent. There is also an average income of 34,373 US dollars.

Denver, CO

Denver is still one of the most desired cities for job seekers. The city’s unemployment rate is still 5.8 percent, with an average income level of US $ 32,002.

The city’s main industries include aerospace and manufacturing. The two main companies in the two areas are Ball Corp. and Lockheed Martin. Those looking to find general employment will enroll in programs from nonprofit associations such as SCORE Denver. It provides low-cost services to help entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses to succeed in this field. Meanwhile, The Denver Chamber of Commerce helps young workers to network and engage in community with The Denver Metro Chamber Young Professionals Group.

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