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Web-Based Businesses To Start In 2021

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent a lot more time at home during the past year than you imagined you would at the start of 2020. Perhaps you’ve been doing your job from home, and you’ve found it a lot easier and more productive than you initially feared that you might. Perhaps you’ve not been able to do any work at all, and you’re wondering what you can do from home to start bringing money in again. In all cases, you’ve almost certainly come to realize that that you’d like to be more independent when it comes to how and when you work and make money.

At the same time as reaching that conclusion, you’ve also probably come to realize that the internet is the future of almost all businesses. Yes, it’s a shame that familiar and well-established high street stores are closing down at the rate that they are, but the truth of the matter is that it’s no longer really necessary to have a presence on the high street to make money. Many 21st century businesses don’t even deal with physical products at all – they deal in virtual products and services, and they do well at it.

If you like the sound of becoming your own boss, working from home, and bringing in money through the internet, 2021 is as good a year as any to strike out on your own. Here are a few business ideas that you might wish to consider if you’ve decided that this is the right path for your career.

Online Tutoring

Are you the person that’s relied upon to train new starters when they begin their careers at your business? Are you the fountain of knowledge that everybody turns to when they’re stuck? If so, you’re probably a great teacher, and you clearly have skills that you could pass on to others. Make the most of being an expert. Set yourself up as a tutor, and offer one-on-one or group tuition to other people through the web. You could do that through Zoom calls or webinars, and you’ll probably be surprised by the level of demand you’ll come across. Online learning has seen a huge spike in popularity during the past 24 months, and there’s no reason to suspect it’ll die down any time soon. Becoming a mentor or trainer is as easy as setting up a home office and marketing yourself – and if you’re already good at sales, you shouldn’t struggle with that.

Resume Writing

The job market has never been as competitive as it is right now. Unfortunately, a lot of people have lost their job in the past twelve months, and that’s created a situation where there are multiple candidates for almost every position that becomes available – especially positions that offer excellent pay and conditions. Instead of becoming just another applicant sending in a resume in the hope you’ll get noticed, how about writing the resumes that will get other people noticed instead? Not all resumes are equal, but the best ones help an applicant stand out from the crowd. If you instinctively know how to help someone sell themselves and formulate the resume that’s going to get them a foot in the door for an interview, you have a saleable skill – one that people could be willing to pay up to $50 per resume for.

Social Media Manager

How much engagement do you get when you post a new status on Facebook or a new Tweet? Are you a seasoned meme-maker? Basically, are you someone who knows how to grab people’s attention when they’re scrolling aimlessly through social media? If so, your skills are worth money. Some businesses – especially those that don’t already have large social media followings – are in dire need of your skills. They know that they need to turn to the internet to bring in new customers – they just don’t necessarily know how. You do, and so you’re the perfect freelance hire for them to bring in and help them to reach the next level. By staying freelance, you can take on multiple clients at once – and if you’re really good, you need only work for a few hours each day!


How many times have you read an article on a website and noticed spelling and grammatical errors? All of us have, and sometimes it even happens on the biggest news websites in the world. That shouldn’t be happening, and yet it happens all the time. That’s why so many businesses are now investing in professional proofreaders to check their copy for them before it goes online – and they pay surprising amounts of money for it. If you have enough time to read through thousands of words worth of copy and you have a sharp eye for detail, this is a trade you could get involved in. Just make sure you take the time to check everything carefully – reputation is everything in the proofreading game, and if you start to let errors slip, yours won’t be worth much.

Online Slots Affiliate

By now, everybody must be aware of how rapidly the online slots websites like Clover Casino and casino market has expanded during the past ten years. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, with the biggest online slots companies making enough money to sponsor the shirts of soccer teams and advertise on television. Would it surprise you to know that some of the companies involved in it don’t actually own or create any online slots? They’re franchisees. They create websites, strike deals with the companies that make online slots to host them, and then drive traffic to those websites. Every time someone logs onto one of their websites and plays online slots, they make a commission split from the cash that goes to the slots companies. So long as you have the business nous to be able to make a good deal and the marketing knowledge required to drive people to your website, there’s no upper limit to your earnings. It’s a hugely competitive market – but the money is there to be made if you’re especially good at what you do. In every case we’ve outlined above, your potential earnings are limited only by how much time you’re willing to put in and how skilled you are in your chosen field. There are risks that come with becoming self-employed, but there are so many rewards that can come with it, too. You’ll never know whether it could work for you unless you try – so what’s holding you back?

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