Mountain Bike Skills and Guides

10 Mountain Bike Skills and Guides You Should Have to Know

Many of us are adventurous and we like to do things that are exciting and daring like scuba diving, bungee jumping, skydiving, mountaineering, and so many things. If you also love exciting things and want to be a part of mountain biking then we know how many thrillers you like. 

The thought of spinning around the local trails, riding over the rocks, roots, and overcoming obstacles may sound fun but one needs to be really careful while doing them. Here’s we will provide you with some tips that will guide you and progress your skills in mountain biking

  • Keep that body loose

The first tip in our list is to suggest the mountain bikers keep their body loose. Make sure that you keep your arms and your shoulder loose so that you can easily handle your bike. 

By lowering your chest also try to keep your elbows and your shoulders loose to the handlebars as this will help to do the steering easily. Also try to move your body very independently so that you can turn the bike easily, increase the speed and also move further with confidence.

  • Make the speed your friend

While mountain biking makes sure that you make speed your only friend. The reason why most of the crashes occur with mountain bikes is that they do not have enough speed. 

When the speed is lost, the balance is also lost and it ultimately results in crashing and accidents.

  • Check your suspension 

While mountain biking makes sure that you check your suspension correctly. Your suspension should be based on your weight. In case if you do not have any idea how to set your suspension correctly then you can ask any experienced person to help you out or any bike shop, also you can seek help from Google so that you know the actual psi that you need according to your weight. 

  • Check the seat

It is very important to check the seat and the height of it correctly before the start. If your seat is incorrect then it can cause you a lot of issues, which can be a pain in your lower back or your knee. Make sure that the seat is at the correct height to make you feel comfortable. 

If the Seat is too high then it will cause you strained lower back and if it is too low then it will make pedalling too hard and will hurt your knees too. 

  • Focus where you want to head

It is important to focus ahead to the place you want to go to. It is important to look and think where you want your bike to turn or reach. If you do not think ahead then it will cause an accident. 

Also if you are about to hit a drop then look at the landing but if you are in a straightaway then make sure that you are looking straight ahead.

  • Do this with experienced people

This is an important tip that you should consider. Mountain biking should not be done alone or with people who have less or no knowledge about it. 

Make sure you do this with someone who is already experienced and is a better rider than you are. This will help you to gain knowledge about things that you were not aware of before and will also make your experience better.

  • Learning to track stand

If you have learnt to track stand then you already won. Yes, this is a skill that will help you to gain confidence and also improve your biking skills. Yes, it is the track and that you should be pro at. It is basically being able to stand up on your own bike. 

Doing track stands is one of the easiest things that you can learn if you try to focus on by spending at least 10 minutes every day by working on your balance.

  • Shift Early and More Often 

It is important to shift early and more often. If you find a climb coming up in front of you, try to downshift just when the incline is about to start. Doing so will help you to have an easier and more smooth pedal on the top. Remember that you should not shift during the climb. 

  • Use Suspension 

It is important to use your suspension actively. This is helpful in making the descents more smooth and you can also get a chance to burst out the turns with speed. In this case, you need some great practice.

  • Choose Different Lines 

The line which you choose every time is not always the best one. It is important to choose the different lines because it will help you to adapt more qualities of a rider. It will help you to gain confidence and also experience. In conclusion, it is practice and focus that makes a man perfect. If you are also passionate about this then do not lose focus and also do not forget to carry your helmet and knee guard while mountain biking. It is the safety that always matters the first.

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