11 Life Hacks That Makes Your Life Easier

11 Life Hacks That Makes Your Life Easier

Various trivial problems are sometimes happening in life such as loss of an object, stains that are difficult to remove, body odor, an appearance that is not optimal, and others. If you experience it often, let’s try these unique tips that can be used in the following daily life!

The simple thing is not something that can be underestimated because one day it can be very useful. In everyday life, surely you often experience various problems ranging from household life to health problems.

These brilliant life hacks are not only useful for housewives. Anyone can just experience problems like those experienced by housewives.

Well, to address these problems, you need a solution that is practical and fitting. Here are 11 unique and brilliant life hacks that are useful for you.

11 A Collection of Unique Tips and Tricks That Make Everything Easier

1.    Eliminates Shoe Odor

Wearing smelly shoes will make you uncomfortable and less confident. Here are some tips for getting rid of shoe odor:

After wearing shoes, place it outside the house and in a dry place. It is better if the shoe storage area is exposed to enough sunlight. Don’t forget to wash your shoes regularly to get rid of the smell and keep your shoes clean.

Use ingredients to eliminate shoe odors such as baking soda and coffee. Both materials are very effective for absorbing and neutralizing the smell of shoes. Wrap baking soda or coffee in the paper, then put in shoes, then let stand for the night. Used newspapers also have the same benefits to absorb unpleasant shoe odors. Wrap the shoes in used crochets to the holes.

Clean the smell of shoes with alcohol liquid. Dip a clean cloth in alcohol then use it to clean the entire surface of the shoe. Another ingredient that can get rid of shoe odor is special sand for cat litter.

2.    Finding a Lost Small Item

You must often lose small things, like keys. Losing a key can make you confused and even stressed and it’s increasingly difficult to find it.

Before searching for a lost key, make sure you have these 3 things in mind: comfort, calm, and trust. Searching calmly and not in a hurry will make it easier for you to find small items that are missing.

If you are the type of person who often loses keys, remember in detail every activity you do. Look for places that are normally used to store keys such as next to a door, in a bag, in a pocket, or under a table if dropped.

According to experts, the right way to look for lost objects is to remember what activities have been carried out.

3.    Loosen Narrow Shoes

Women usually often choose the wrong shoe size because they are already interested in the model. Not infrequently the shoes purchased are too narrow. The practical solution would be to bring it to the cobbler. Unfortunately, not all cobblers have this skill.

Use stretching devices that are sold in shoe stores. The stretching device has the function of loosening shoes.

Use old newspapers or socks to stuff up your shoes until they are very tight and tight. Let stand for several days, your shoes will feel looser.

If you have narrowed leather shoes, use a hairdryer to loosen it. The skin will stretch by itself when in contact with heat. Heat shoes from 10 cm for 30 seconds so that the material does not damage the shoe quickly.

Insert a plastic bag that has been filled with water into the shoe. Then put the shoes in the refrigerator. Let the water turn ice and the size of the shoe will loose on its own.

4.    Activate Airplane Mode So That the Cell Phone Battery Fully Faster

Another life hack tips that are useful for your daily life is when charging your cellphone. In order to fully charge the cell phone, just activate the airplane mode or airplane mode.

Besides being charged faster, battery usage is also more durable. By activating airplane mode, all radio connections such as WIFI, operator signal, GPS will be disconnected. After the battery is fully charged, you can turn off airplane mode and use your mobile as usual.

5.    Eliminates Body Odor

Body odor is a sensitive problem that can make a person become insecure. Overcome the problem of body odor by increasing drinking water. Water will produce an odor that is odorless and blood circulation.

You can also drink betel leaf boiled water to overcome the problem of body odor. But the main solution of unpleasant body odor is to keep the body clean by bathing every day, especially when the weather is hot.

Wear clothes that are clean and absorb sweat, and don’t forget to always wear deodorant. Body odor can also be prevented by reducing the consumption of fatty foods and seasonings with a strong taste such as onions.

6.    Dry clothes faster

When the rainy season comes, clothes become hard to dry and this is a problem for everyone. Especially if you need clothes to be worn immediately. If you have a washing machine as well as a dryer, of course, this is not a problem.

But there are tips that can make your clothes dry faster. Namely by separating heavy clothing from light clothing and by putting a dry towel into the washing machine simultaneously.

You can also use a hairdryer or hair dryer to dry the clothes. Another method that can be used is by ironing the wet clothes until putting in the microwave with a high temperature (130 degrees) for 5 minutes.

When ironing wet clothes, make sure the clothes are completely dry to avoid the musty smell. Meanwhile you also must frequently check the microwave often if you choose this way, to avoid charred clothing.

7.    Eliminating water that enters the watch

The watch is one important accessory that should not be left behind. But usually, your watch accidentally enters water when washing your hands. This is certainly very disturbing.

The first way to remove water from a watch is to put it in a pile of rice with the glass position below. Let stand for approximately 5 hours, then lift and the water will disappear.

The second way that can be done is to light a candle, then bring the watch to the candle for 1 minute. You can also hang out and heat the watch under a study light or direct sunlight.

8.    Eliminating Bad Breath

Apart from body odor, bad breath is a sensitive issue. Eliminate bad breath by diligently brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day. By brushing your teeth, leftover food that causes bad breath that attaches to the teeth will be lifted and not settle into tartar.

When brushing your teeth don’t forget to clean your tongue too. If there is food that is not an affordable toothbrush, you can use dental floss. Continue to rinse using mouthwash that does not contain alcohol so as not to damage tooth enamel.

Diligent drinking green tea every morning and eating 1 apple every day can also help relieve bad breath. Another bad habit that causes bad breath is smoking. They not only smell, but the mouth is also at risk of cancer due to smoking.

9.    Make Blender Clean Again

For housewives, a blender is a loyal friend who facilitates the cooking process of cooking. The use of a blender too often will make the dirt settle in it. Cleaning the blender is quite complicated because it has to separate the cutting knife and its container.

But now you don’t need to be complicated anymore. Just pour hot water, dish soap, and vinegar into the blender and then turn it on for 10 seconds. Clean with plain water, then your blender will return as good as new.

Other ingredients that can also be used are baking soda, vinegar, and lemon. Insert into the blender’s base then lift the tube and clean the inside of the blender with a sponge. Do not just the jar, but also wash the rubber blender and the blade to keep it sharp.

10. Get Rid of Used Oil Spills

Oil spills if exposed to clothing will imprint and are difficult to remove. Rinse immediately the clothes that are affected by oil spills immediately. Brush with detergent thoroughly then rinse with hot water until the oil disappears. If it doesn’t work, use alcohol to clean it.

Dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub it into the affected part of the oil spill. Continue to soak in detergent water then wash as usual. You can replace detergent with soda water if you want because soda water is known to be effective in absorbing spilled oil.

Other materials that can absorb spilled oil are sand, ash, and special products to absorb oil. Meanwhile, if oil spills on thin clothes such as chiffon, just sprinkle with baby powder, then continue to wash clothes as usual.

11. Practical Toilet Stain Removers

Some materials that can be used to clean toilets include cola drinks. Just pour it in the toilet then brush as usual. You can also use citron which is used as a clothes bleach.

Sprinkle lemon in the toilet, then wait for 1 hour before brushing it clean. In the same way, vinegar, baking soda, and a mixture of lemon juice and borax can also be used as a powerful toilet cleaner.

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