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15 Latest WhatsApp Tricks That Are Really Useful For You

WhatsApp is a messaging application that can connect to every user. The application is lightweight and has many features making it attractive to many people. WhatsApp makes contacting others, sending pictures or videos more effective and efficient.

Reporting from webwise.ie, WhatsApp is a Facebook application that has been downloaded by 1 billion people in the world.WhatsApp was discovered in 2009 by two Yahoo workers, Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

Even though WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users, but unfortunately many of us don’t aware much about WhatsApp tricks that we can use. Here are some WhatsApp tricks that you must know.

1. How to read WhatsApp chats without the sender’s knowledge

We usually feel like knowing what our friends are sending but don’t want the sender to know that we have read it. This first tip is very suitable and easy to practice, all you need to do is turn on ‘flight mode’ or ‘airplane mode’ on the cellphone. Flight mode turns the data on your cellphone off so that you can read the sender’s chat without the need for it to know.

2. How to use WhatsApp without the cell phone number

First, you have to do is uninstall your old WhatsApp. Then download the WhatsApp application (not from the Apps Store), and activate Airplane Mode. Automatically when you do not activate the number, WhatsApp will send an alternative for verification, select the email option then install Spoof Text Message to create a new fake number then send an SMS to +447900347295 fill in the country code, a fake number that you have created an email.

3. How to use unique and funny fonts on WhatsApp

The first thing you have to do is download the Cool Fonts Application on your Android phone. After you have installed it, open the application and find the font you like. Then when you want to write, then you can import the text into WhatsApp or other social media.

4. How to find out who is viewing your WhatsApp profile

First of all, you have to install an application called WhatsApp-who Viewed Me. After you download it, the application will scan the contacts on your cell phone. After the scan is complete, this application will notify anyone who has visited your profile within 24 hours.

5. How to make the fake chat on WhatsApp

For iOS mobile users, you can download the Whatsfake, Whatsprank, or Fake Chat-joker applications. They have the same features which can edit last seen, online status, and chat itself. Android users can use fake chat simulator, Yazzy App, and Whatsfake. Do you love to play games? you check it out Summertime Saga APK if you are a game lover.

6. How to see WhatsApp messages that have been deleted

For those of you who like being confused with what chat content has been deleted, you need to know this trick. First, you have to do is download the Notisave application on your mobile. In this application, all notifications that enter your mobile will be saved and you can know what chats have been deleted.

7. How to activate two WhatsApp accounts in one cell phone

Do you want to have two WhatsApp accounts on one mobile? The way is easy. You simply download OGWhatsApp, yoWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp on your Android phone. That way you can have two WhatsApp accounts.

8. How to delete unnecessary images automatically

First, you have to download a magic cleaner or Gallery doctor, both of these applications work by comparing the photos in your gallery with a network database and then concluding whether it’s junk or not. The gallery doctor also gave information about the existence of the same photo.

9. How to see WhatsApp status without being seen

You just need to download and install ES File Explorer on your cell phone. It works to open hidden files on WhatsApp. After downloading, you will be able to access the status in the WhatsApp folder. The disadvantage of this method is that not all statuses will be downloaded.

10. How to save WhatsApp status without screenshots

How to save WhatsApp status is very easy, you can just download the Status Saver for WhatsApp This application is available on the internet or in the apps store. After you download the application you can download the status from WhatsApp.

11. How to Convert WhatsApp Voice Message into text

You only need to download the Transcriber for WhatsApp application on your Android phone. When it’s downloaded, you can immediately play the voice note you selected, then long tap and press the share option. The voice note will automatically be converted to text.

12. How to send messages to people who have blocked you

Now for these tips, you do not need to download the application again. It’s easy, you just need to ask for help from one of your friends. First, your friend must create a group of three people, your friend, you, and the person who blocked you. Next, your friend must leave the group. And already done, your problem is resolved.

13. How to move WhatsApp to computer or laptop

This method is very easy, you only need to open the web.WhatsApp.com link then there will be a QR code for you to scan. How to scan it, open the WhatsApp Web option on your WhatsApp. WhatsApp web on mobile will automatically open the camera whose job is to scan the code.

Then you only need to scan the code on your PC and WhatsApp will automatically be on your PC. The weakness of this WhatsApp web is that you have to keep activating WhatsApp on your phone to run WhatsApp web.

14. How to send a blank message on WhatsApp

The first way you should do is download the Empty Chat application on your Android phone. Once installed, you will see a blank chat on the screen. You simply press ‘send’ to send the empty chat. Easy right?

15. How to convert WhatsApp chat into TXT format

You don’t need to download the application again to follow this method. Simply enter the WhatsApp settings then enter the ‘Chats’ setting, then select the ‘Chat History’ button. You will find 4 choices and select ‘Email Chat’. Next, select which chats you want to convert then send them to your own email so the chats are saved.

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