Forest City

3 Main Reasons Forest City Worth for an Investment

A mega mix development with smart, green, safe and modern concept has been developed in southern Johor, Malaysia. With an area of ​​30 square kilometers, Forest City project aims to create a comfortable living environment by combining best methods and systems in green space development with urban construction units. At the end of the construction, it will lead to the formation of a vertical greenery system and smart city.

Real estate has always been a safe and long-term investment. Forest City Malaysia has been a hot topic in the real estate industry in recent years. However, at the same time, there are still doubts whether is it worth to invest in Forest City? Here are three main rationalization for you to analyze and make up your mind.

Stable outlook

Since 2013, Malaysia has become one of the strategic overseas investment areas for Country Garden Group.While the global is deeply impacted in uncertainty of economy, RAM Ratings, one of the local top rating agencies in Malaysia, has recently reaffirmed the AA3, which means stable rating investment grade of Country Garden Real Estate Sdn Bhd (CGRE). CGRE has been obtaining this highest rating amongst other developers in Malaysia for four (4) consecutive years since 2017.Forest City is one of the projects of Country Garden in Malaysia park under CGRE. It focuses on the sustainable development of 8 industries, namely tourism & MICE, healthcare, education & training, regional headquarters, coastal finance, e-commerce, new technology development and green and smart technology. This development blueprint somehow offering prospect investors various segment of investment selection on where to place their money at. Therefore, investing in Forest City will ensure a bright and stable future in real estate field.

The largest automated plant

The largest automated plant

The Forest City Malaysia uses building prefabrication technology known as an industrialized building system (IBS). In this technique, almost the entire structure of the components is produced on-site or off-site, and then the product is transferred to the site. The products are connected with high coordination and accuracy to achieve high-quality work and speed up the project completion time. IBS is a more environmentally friendly choice because it has the potential to solve the problems of urbanization, employment, resources, environmental protection, and improve production and efficiency.

Providing affordable housing is becoming a critical issue to meet the growing demand for housing as population growth increases. Therefore, the industrialized building system (IBS) in Forest City Malaysia can increase the degree of investment confidence and promise a safe investment with minimal risk.

The model of future smart city

The model of future smart city

Forest City Malaysia is the future community model with comprehensive infrastructures of transportation, education, health, finance, and tourism. Furthermore, Forest City using the most advanced IoT technology,robotics, and vertical greenery systems to develop a green and smart city. In the development process, Forest City is also committed to protecting the surrounding mangroves and sea areas to achieve a win-win situation of harmonious economic and environmental development. In the long run, this is a sustainable initiative and a beneficial and effective investment, which creates conditions and foundations for future generations.

Living in Forest City

Living in Forest City is ideal for those who seek to achieve a luxurious life away from the hustle and bustle of modern and polluted life and at the same time have the ability to enjoy natural spaces with access to top notch amenities. Forest City, without any doubt, is one of the future smart cities. Investing in it today means the trump card of the future. If you are interested in it, Forest City Malaysia can provide you with the necessary guidance on choosing the most comfortable, economical and suitable unit according to your preference.

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