3 Video Downloading Apps You Should Know

3 Video Downloading Apps You Should Know

A lot of questions come up on social platforms on which is the best Android app for downloading videos on to your smartphone. The options are unlimited and the problem is bound to intensify with more smartphone users. Let us now explore some of the popular Android apps.


For downloading YouTube videos, Tubemate is a popular app. On the various search engines, it is one of the searched apps. As a user, you are allowed to download videos on to your smartphone at high speed. Not only this app enables you to grab videos from YouTube but even from social sites, you can download videos.

Even you can download the video directly in the form of an MP 3 file if you are inclined towards audio than video. When you are installing this app on your Android app you need to figure out the kind of permissions that the app is going to ask.

Since this app is not found on Google play store, a suggestion would be to only download it from the official site. Once you download the file install the apk file on to your device.


From the simple interface, this app is a user-friendly one on all counts. Here all the features are arranged in a random manner. In spite of the presence of ads, this goes on to provide you with a superior user experience. Since all the operations are straight forward anyone using them for the first time can have a fair understanding of it. As simple as it may sound it goes on to do a great job when you are planning to capture videos from YouTube and videos with multiple resolutions can be saved.

One of the main benefits of this app is an inbuilt browser that would allow you to streamline videos directly from the given sites. Even a short cut is provided to access videos and you can download the videos that go on to satisfy you. In order to copy the videos from YouTube, you have to just frame the URL link.

Once you have decided to download the video you have to click on the white arrow key. At the menu, you have a couple of options download video or audio files



When you are planning to save YouTube videos on your mobile device, the Vidmate app works out to be a reliable option. You are provided free access as you can go on to downloads videos even of the highest quality. In addition, the video contents of this file are classified by various parameters. You are also provided with the option of resuming or playing videos as per your choice. Once the process of downloading takes place in the background you are free to accomplish tasks at the forefront.

Since YouTube has strict policies as far as downloading of video content, in case if you are looking to download videos you have to rely on the expertise of the app.

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