Wednesday , September 29 2021
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4 Justifications To Switch Electricity Supplier

You are not alone if you think that your business electricity rates are constantly on the rise and there is nothing you can do about it other than to change your electricity provider. Using an electricity provider’s website can also be a frustrating experience for electricity consumers. The reason consumers have to face this frustrating experience is that the electricity provider’s customer care was not all that helpful in providing a solution. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why you need to change your electricity supplier.

Complications Or Difficulties With Bills & Payments

An electricity consumer is easily frustrated when they have to face incorrect or imaginary bills and payments that don’t add up. There are up to five dozen different electricity suppliers in the UK. But only a few of them manage to achieve full accuracy of their client’s bills all of the time. You should never be hesitant to contact your electricity provider if you believe that you have received an inaccurate bill. 

Do not hesitate to escalate your query as a complaint if you receive dubious billing information from your electricity supplier. The electricity provider should be able to clarify, every single time, how they reached a certain amount on your bill. Energy firms often have their standard operating procedures for complaints posted online on their website and the back of the bill. You can decide to complain to the Ombudsman if your electricity supplier is unable to resolve your complaint within eight weeks.

Poor Customer Service 

You are not alone if you feel that your electricity supplier is not providing the level of service you expect as a consumer. Choosing the right electricity supplier means that you are connected with an organisation that takes its client’s rights seriously. Being affiliated with an electricity supplier that is unable to provide you with satisfactory service can be frustrating both emotionally and financially. You can inquire from your neighbors which electricity supplier they are using and whether or not they are satisfied with the customer service to help you make the right choice. 

Expensive Electricity Prices

Consumers can face unexpected increases in their energy prices. This is especially true if you start consuming more electricity, your contract is about to end, or the electricity supplier increases its prices because of changes in its annual budget. Electricity suppliers must comply with a price cap on out-of-contract electricity tariffs and this price cap changes every six months. Out-of-contract consumers can secure significant savings by changing over to a cheaper deal in the market. 

An Expired Fixed Energy Tariff

Most fixed contracts are for a duration of one or two years. Consumers need to choose a new tariff plan for their fixed electricity contract if they do not want to be shifted to an out-of-contract rate. Out-of-contract rates are usually higher and this means that you will be paying more even if you are using the same amount of electricity. Consumers can face a situation where their electricity provider is no longer providing the same competitive rates that they have become accustomed to for such a long time.

In all of these cases, consumers should look into the market before making any hasty decisions about their electricity rates. Make sure you understand all of your options with your current electricity supplier before looking into other electricity providers.

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