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4 Tips How Do I Find My Sewer Cleanout?

Sewer lines are the underground roads responsible for flowing wastage from beginning to the main whole and in the same from main wholes to metropolitan flowing channels. Now to break out this plan for Sewerage City Corporation distributed the flow and provided one main whole to almost every three houses. Their responsibility is to maintain their sewer line that connects from inside the home to outside and also with main wholes. However, there are many tools available in the market like sewer inspection cameras that help you detect the problems related to the clogging of pipes and drainage. These sewer camera inspection tools are the best remedy to ensure that all the plumbing problems are solved with accuracy and efficiency.

In earlier time’s sewer clogging problems are occurred due to cement pipes, which are minimized drastically when the drainage pipes are replaced with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes. These pipes have slippery surfaces so that it didn’t resist the flow of the drains, but the problem occurred when the turning edges in the pipeline are used. T shape, elbow shape, etc. fittings our users that are the necessary sink, and shower in homes that have clogging problems. Here we will try to discuss how to get rid of these and also to identify particular locations where the flow has been chocked.

Check out the home plan for the drainage engineering to find out easily sewer clean whole:

If you live in your own house, then you must have a layout plan in hard copy form with other home’s documents, which also have a copy for sewer piping engineering. The government always approved the proper strategies for a home to facilitate its residents in an organized manner. The owner should go through that plan for the cleanout point. Either it is inside or outside of the home and then regulate it according to come out with the sewer problem.


Sometimes it will be difficult for the owner to locate the points by going through a sewerage engineering plan. Or there is also a possibility that the house is an old one and didn’t have proper sewer cleanouts. There are several rental service providers of sewer inspection camera and sometimes with a professional and certified plumber as per requirement. That inspection camera works in a way that it will be sent down in the sewer track one by one to find out the cleanout. Once you find out the particular spot, mark the area to work for it. After locating the point, there will be two options.

  • Just cleanout temporarily for one time.
  • Or installing a cleanout is inexpensive compared with the plumbing cost and much easier way to go through this problem.

By tools method:

As we all know that clogging is not a daily routine problem, but if it occurs, the everyday owner needs to go through proper consultant engineering to resolve it. But if it happened timely, then you no need to spend a lot of money to find solutions. Though it is not quickly tasked always because it is used infrequently and it can found in the utility area, or behind the kitchen cabinets or even in stores. The main is located mostly inside the house due to protection against winter for freezing. A main pipe inside the home about 3-4 inches in diameter made up of iron or PVC commonly. A cap-like stub on a tube which has a screw format for opening and closing to protect from leakage. The main drainage can be opened through a wrench in check whether the clogging is further away from this stab or it is somewhere else. Not to forget about the closing of the cap with tightly; otherwise, it will create a problem for the future.

Call for a professional:

If all the work done described above is insufficient, then look for a sewer services provider. They have excellent skills and specified tools to detect where the cleanout point should be. If it is found quickly, then they must go for it. Otherwise, by using their expertise, they will destroy some of the areas to find out the stab through which clogging can be wiped out easily.

Clogging can damage the floors through leakages and can spread unpleasant odor in the home. The stab has been detected to mark the area in the layout plan for the future.

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