5 Basic Beauty Hacks for Your Eyelashes

Thick and long lashes, this is what every woman on earth wants! We are willing to go through the strenuous struggle and to put enormous efforts to get our hands on naturally beautiful eyelashes.

What can be better than having beautiful eyelashes without implantation! Yes, this is possible! You can get prettiest eyelashes that will have volume, curl and length by following a few tips. Explore the 5 beauty hacks given below and achieve your eyelashes goal.

  • Use Eyeshade or Loose Powder for Fullness

A little box of loose powder or baby powder must be lying in your vanity box. It is the high time to use it for dual purpose. Dip your mascara brush in the powder and apply it on your lashes for volume.  On one hand, it is a remarkable hack that can improve the volume of your lash. On the other hand, it may be visible on lashes if your mascara isn’t made up of darkest formula.

In this case, we suggest you use the eyeshade of the same shade as of your lashes. Matte powder shadows are highly suggested. In this way, you will get the volume without any white residue.

  • Blend Two Mascaras

It is commonly observed that lashes are of not the same colour from root to tip. Look in the mirror right now. You will see a dark-to-light gradient colouring. To attain the best eyelash look you need to coat your lashes with a solid colour. Bring two mascaras of a different colour, like you can use brown and black. Start with the first coat of black mascara at the roots. Use a narrow brush to apply it close to the lash line. Now apply a follow-up coat of brown mascara. You have to apply it overtop and extend it out to the tips. This method is best to give a natural yet amplified look to the eyelashes.

  • Use A heated Curler

We recommend you to use a curler after heating it. Moreover, you can heat it easily by dipping it into hot water for 5 to 7 minutes. You can also heat your curler by using a blow-dryer.

Although, the water method is highly recommended because it heats only the curling part plus it is a safer option.

  • Use A Primer Before Curling

Obviously, you can’t curl your eyelashes after applying mascara. In case you do so, you will end up breaking all your lashes. But you can apply a primer before curling the lashes as it is less brittle. It will give extra hold to your lashes. Your eyelashes will stay curled all day long.

  • Layering

Waterproof mascara is hard to remove. It takes away a lot of our hair and we can’t afford it. Here is a quick hack for that.  We recommend you to apply regular formula mascara and then coat waterproof mascara over it. It will easily come off whenever you want.

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