Left-Field Touches to Make Your Home Look Unique

5 Left-Field Touches to Make Your Home Look Unique

You won’t be alone if you are searching for ways to make your home unique. However, this can be a hard goal to achieve, as so many different things have already been tried, and coming up with something new is next to impossible.

However, if you’ve been scouring the internet or reading style magazines from cover to cover, then you might be going about things in the wrong way. Here are some very left-field solutions that may be a good fit for your home, and at the same time, don’t cost as much as you might think.

1. Add interior sliding doors

Sliding doors are a great idea. Not only do they decrease the amount of space wasted by the ‘swing room’ needed by hinged doors, but they are also a lot easier for older people or people with disabilities to operate. This can be an eye-opening addition and conversation starter for anyone who happens to visit your home.

2. Give your roof some love

Roofs are massively overlooked, but a roof that is not properly maintained can lead to a lot of problems and become very expensive. If your roof is looking worse for wear, or in need of repair or replacement, instead of going for the same old shingles, you could look at commercial roofing solutions.

As well as giving your home a unique look, most commercial roofing solutions are very efficient at keeping the heat in. So, even if a commercial roof is more expensive to fit, this will be offset by a fall in your utility bills.

3. Install an electric fire

Installing an electric fire is a brilliant, left-field way to get your house nice and cozy without needing an actual fire. Electric fires are a great way to warm up your house and do not let in the draft that a chimney usually does. They also come in a vast array of different styles, so you can find one that fits your interior design preferences and make a real statement.

4. Use bookcases as room dividers

Using bookcases as room dividers can make your larger rooms look good. Not only this, but you can also move the bookcases around, so you can change the entire look of your room without too much trouble.

You can change the room to the way you want it, and it doubles as extra storage space too. This can be good if you want a smaller space for when you are at home with your spouse or on your own but move it to the side when you have more company around, like during celebrations and special occasions.

5. Install tinted windows

You might think that tinted windows were only for your car, but installing them in your house has multiple benefits. These are great if you do not want too much light getting in or want a bit of privacy when the curtains or blinds are open. This is also great if you have young family members and you want them to stay out of harsh direct sunlight in the summer in their playroom.

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