Self Care

5 Self Care Subscriptions for Mind and Body

Self-care. What is it really, and why should everyone be practicing self-care regularly?

There’s no doubt that we live in stressful times; the cost of living is high, unemployment is looming around the corner, and demands on our time are becoming ever louder, and the time we have left is becoming ever shorter.

Why Self-Care?

Self-care is a way to make sure you get some ‘me’ time. It’s good for your mind, and it’s good for your soul, and the benefits have been known to science for years now.

Practicing self-care isn’t always easy, especially with a busy modern life, but with a self-care subscription box, you have the chance every month to sit back and relax for a few minutes with a self-care option of your choice and enjoy your time on your own.


Here are five subscription boxes that are perfect for a self-care hour in your world.

Scent Subscription

Anything that works on the senses can be relaxing, or it can be torture, but thankfully the scent subscription box from is the former, delivering you a new fragrance every month to try and enjoy.

You can choose to either have a regular scent sent to you each month or a sample of a new scent. It’s a great way to build up your perfume collection and remind yourself that you are worth it.

Skincare Subscription

There’s been a big shift into awareness over good skincare during the pandemic, and more women are taking the plunge to really look after their skin for the first time in decades.

This is where a skincare subscription box will come in handy, delivering you a new skincare sample every month to try. Some boxes are even backed by dermatologists who will help to put together a box for your particular skin complaints, such as acne or dry skin.

Manifestations Box

There’s a big difference between thinking and believing, and a manifestations box can help you put your thoughts together and manifest your reality in a positive way.

Manifestation boxes usually contain therapeutic exercises to help you succeed, such as gratitude journals and questions to ask yourself that will help you to manifest the positive changes you need to see in your life.

These are like a deep therapy session in a box and highly worth it to help you make a positive change in your life.

Empowering Kit

An empowering kit is similar to a manifestations box in that it’s based around positive therapy and positive thinking.

How the empowering kit differs, however, is that it’s focused much more on showing you your worth and making you believe it, which can be really helpful if you can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to your personal issues.

Botanicals Box

This one isn’t so much something you can do or use, but rather a little box of seasonal flowers in a small bouquet. Sometimes taking the time to sit back and smell the roses really is the best self-care you can do.

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