Thursday , September 23 2021
Resident Evil

How Much “Resident Evil” Is Too Much?

The “Resident Evil” series of video games, movies, toys, and other products make huge amounts of money for Capcom. Every time Capcom decides to try to push things a little further by giving us even more “Resident Evil” content, we reward them by parting with our money and buying it from them. That gives them an incentive to create yet more content, and the whole process repeats itself. That’s the way things have been going for several years now, which is why we find ourselves here in 2021 with an utterly absurd amount of “Resident Evil” content in the pipeline.

The biggest news in the “Resident Evil” world is that “Resident Evil: Village,” the official eighth game in the series, will be released in May. The demo is already available for download and play, and we’re only a few days away from the release of the highly anticipated product. There will be a heavy media push from Capcom on the day it goes live. Expect to see “Resident Evil” content everywhere you look for the entire month. That may not be a change from the usual for many of you, though, because “Resident Evil” content is already everywhere – and we’re about to get even more of it.

“Resident Evil” is ubiquitous. When it’s not appearing on video games consoles, it’s on the big screen at cinemas. When it’s not there, it’s on the reels of online slots websites. Capcom never misses the chance to make a little online slots money on the side, as evidenced by the popularity of the official “Street Fighter 2” slot at Rose Slots for New Zealand, but the “Resident Evil 6” slot isn’t far behind it in terms of its capacity to make money. We still think the scariest thing about the official “Resident Evil” online slots game is the fact that you can lose money on it if luck isn’t with you, but perhaps we should be more afraid of the sheer size of the entire franchise.

One game per year is all anyone expects from any popular video game franchise, and in some cases, even that’s too much. Thanks to the longevity of “Grand Theft Auto V,” players have come to accept slower release schedules so long as new content is periodically added to old games. Capcom must understand the basic principles of this because they’ve taken the same approach with “Street Fighter V.” With “Resident Evil,” though, we’re getting far more than just “Resident Evil: Village” in 2021. “Resident Evil: ReVerse,” a battle-royal themed version of the game, is currently in beta testing and will be released to the general public later on this year. We’ve seen remakes of some of the earlier games released during the past twelve months, and now there’s another one on the way. It’s been rumoured for a long time, but we now have confirmation that “Resident Evil 4” is being remade in VR to work with the Oculus Quest 2 headset and will also come out at some point this year.

For those keeping count, that’s three new “Resident Evil” games scheduled for a 2021 release. On top of that, the new movie “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” is currently scheduled to reach movie theatres on November 24th 2021. It’s only been five years since the sixth and final movie in the Milla Jovovich-led “Resident Evil” series was released, but Capcom has decided that now is the right time to start the whole story again. The new movie will focus on the plot of the first two games, combined together. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise us to hear that the first two games will be re-released yet again to tie in with the film, or a new game based on the film will be added to Capcom’s hectic release schedule.

We know that a lot of people won’t mind all of this. If “Resident Evil” is your favourite video game franchise and you also enjoy the other media that it appears in, this is probably heaven for you. For the majority of people, though, it’s definitely possible to have too much of a good thing. Everything – no matter how good it is – has a saturation post. We’re excited about the release of “Resident Evil: Village.” We hope it’s going to be one of the biggest and best games of the year. At the same time, it’s difficult not to feel slightly fatigued by seeing the “Resident Evil” name everywhere and knowing that we’ll continue to see it everywhere for most of the next year. Capcom is entitled to make as much money from its intellectual property as it likes, but such is the level of output at the moment that someone within the company should start worrying about the possibility of burnout.

If the newly-announced VR remake of “Resident Evil 4” interests you, here are the basics. The original levels and animations won’t be touched, but the textures have been remastered for the modern era. The previews and demos we’ve seen thus far show us that it still looks a little old-school even with the remastered textures, but that ought to be expected of a game that was first published in 2005. In video gaming terms, that’s ancient history. The appeal is likely to be the fact that this is the first truly-VR optimised “Resident Evil” game, allowing you to “pick up” weapons from the environment and go about your zombie-killing in entirely new ways. As interesting as it is as a project, we already have a nasty feeling that it will trigger a whole series of “Resident Evil” VR remakes if it proves to be successful. We don’t want the tone of this article to come across as mean-spirited. We love “Resident Evil.” We also love pizza, but we can’t eat pizza every day, and we don’t want to play “Resident Evil” every day either. For the good of the long-term health of the franchise, it might be a good idea for Capcom to steer clear of releasing any “Resident Evil” content at all in 2022. Give the audience a rest. They’ll be more receptive to anything that comes in 2023 because of it.

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