5 Signs They’re the Right Hire for Your Company

5 Signs They’re the Right Hire for Your Company

If you’ve spent any time researching hiring tips, you’ve probably found a big problem. There is a lot of information out there about who not to hire—the red flags, the unprepared interviewee, the non-stop talker—but there just isn’t a lot of information out there about who you should hire. You know how a candidate is wrong for you, but how do you know if they’re right?

We’re here to answer just that question. Here are 5 signs they’re the right hire for your company.

They Come Prepared

A strong candidate should approach an interview as if it was their first day on the job. They should show up on time (if not a little early) and they should come prepared. A strong hire will show up to the interview with a hard copy of their resume, a notebook, and something to write with. A prepared candidate shows you their intention in preparing for this meeting and says, “I care.”

They’ve Done Their Research

Preparation doesn’t stop at the physical; it’s mental, as well. If a candidate is the right hire for your company, they should have a good idea of what your company is. You’re not just hiring for a candidate who is skilled; your hiring for a candidate who wants to bring those skills to your company, specifically.

Ask your candidate, “Why are you applying for this job?” A strong candidate will tell you exactly that: why they applied for this job in particular. Look for company-specific language in their answer. They should show you that they’ve properly researched your company and have found a personal connection to it. If they fail to answer specifically, it might be a sign that you’re just another job to them.

They’re Excited

Let’s take it a step further. A strong candidate isn’t only a person who comes prepared and does their research. A strong candidate is a person who cares, on top of it all.

It’s obvious when a candidate truly cares about a job. They’ll have a smile on their face and excitement in their voice. An excited and passionate person will bring that exact enthusiasm to the job, and that type of energy will take your company far.

They Answer Directly

Every interview has those awkward questions like, “What’s your biggest weakness?” or, “Tell me about a time you messed up.” While the content of a candidate’s answer is certainly relevant, the way in which they answer is more important.

As a business owner, you rely on your employees to be transparent. Every employee will make a mistake at some point, but what will they do when they make that mistake? Will they come directly to you and be honest, or will they attempt to cover it up?

Those sometimes-uncomfortable interview questions reveal exactly that. Look for a candidate who answers honestly and directly. A person who skirts around the answer may skirt around telling you the truth if something goes wrong.

They Ask Relevant Questions

A candidate who is seriously considering a position with your company is sure to have a lot of questions. This could be their future, after all, and you want a hire who takes that seriously.

A candidate’s questions reveal to you their exact priorities. Are they focused on perks and benefits, or do they have questions about the job itself? Their questions should show they’ve thought critically about this position and that this is a well-considered choice.

They Bring New Ideas

The interview is your candidate’s opportunity to really shine—and a good candidate will know that. If they’ve done all the above, it will be clear that they’re prepared, well researched, and have thought critically about the job. They know that you’re a good fit for them. But what will they bring to you?

Present a real dilemma your team has experienced in the past and ask them how they’d handle it. You may even want to give them a take-home project that’s relevant for the job. Take a look at the type of ideas they bring. Do they show job preparedness? Are they relevant? Would they work? No matter who you interview, always make sure to thoroughly vet them before sending an offer. Contact references and conduct a screening. Curious what’s a background check, exactly? Well, it’s a screening that ensures they’re the right candidate for you.

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