Thursday , September 16 2021
Protect your Eyes from Blue Light

5 Ways to Protect your Eyes from Blue Light

It’s the era of technology. Everyone has access to technology in some or another way and is affected by it. Be it for study purposes or for work or for mere entertainment, whatever it may be, we are all affected by it and included by it! 

Gadgets, mobile phones, computers, and laptops aren’t obviously the best for us. High screen time was restricted to only adults with desk jobs however it isn’t so now. 

Many children, youngsters, teens, and even adults have a minimum of 8 hours of screen time for various reasons and that is not good for our eyes. These gadgets radiate blue light which has the potential to leave a long-lasting bad effect on our eyes. 

This blue light is of a low wavelength but is highly powerful and energetic. Therefore long exposure to it can cause irresistible effects on our eyes. But we can always prevent it. 

We can prevent its effect and protect our eyes from it in the following ways. 

  • Restrictive screen time

It might sound obvious however this is the biggest way one can protect their eyes from any blue light damage. Having restrictions over screen time is the best thing you can do to protect your eyes. 

Try to avoid using these gadgets until necessary. Create a timeline of the necessary screen time and a little more for entertainment. Other than that try to avoid using your gadget all the time for ordinary uses.

  • Obtaining supplements

Blue-light is said to damage the macula of our eyes, that is a protective pigment for our eye. The macular pigment is made of 3 major carotenoids and they can be consumed outside of our diet by taking certain supplements. 

As we age it is important to take certain necessary nutrients for our body outside of our diet too. Therefore, when you want to take nutrient supplements for yourself and your eyes, then you should take these 3 carotenoids to make your eyes healthy. 

The best way to protect the eyes will be to make them healthy and immune to new light where their effect is less. 

  • Look for protective computer glasses

If you are someone who has to spend a lot of hours before computers and smartphones it is obvious that you need glasses to protect your eyes.  

Investing in glasses that are specially made for protecting you from blue light is a very good idea! The yellow-tinted glasses are prescribed by specialists to protect your eyes from the blue light by blocking them. 

Anti-reflective lenses are another must-have which have additional layers on both sides that shield your eyes from any additional damage that blue light can impose on your eyes.

  • Enable the reading mode

Technology has come a long way. It is working to make it safer for people to use. And one of the biggest achievements is this feature called ‘reading mode’ which is present in almost all the good gadgets. 

The reading mode feature changes the blue light to yellow light, it makes it much less harmful and lighter. Therefore it is essential to invest in a proper gadget that has this feature because by using this feature we can protect our eyes from the blue light to a large extent. 

Make sure to enable the feature all the time whenever you use your computer or smartphone.

  • Screen filter

These are inexpensive, screen filters are a cover that is put in front of gadgets. Screen filters for smartphones are easily available and are also very cheap. 

However, for laptops, it can be a little hard to find. Nonetheless, these screen filters help to reduce the effect of blue light from gadgets and keep your eyes damage-free.

Our eyes are our primary sense organs, we need to protect them anyhow. And continuous exposure to blue light radiation from these gadgets can be very harmful to our eyes. 

They can make our eyesight not only weak and blurry but can lead to optic nerve weakness as well as loss of eyesight. Therefore it is vital to prevent and protect our eyes from the blue light and it can be done by keeping these things in mind.

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