7 Essential Basics When and How to Uproot Old Trees Easily

For several years the process of uprooting is considered a natural event. The process of uprooting was constituted as a significant factor for the evolution of the area from the last 500 years. Uprooting consists of all the essential processes like growth, reproduction, and podsolization.

According to the research, uprooting is considered as a natural forest phenomenon in the region of eastern North America. This process has several implications, like all other significant processes. In the forest, the soil is the primary component that is profoundly affected due to the operation of uprooting.

When to uproot a tree:

When to uproot a tree

Uprooting a tree is a natural process. The best time in a year to uproot or transplant a tree is during the spring or in all seasons. In the spring season, you need to relocate before the sprouting starts in the tree. In the fall season, you need to transplant the tree before the fall of the first frost.

The perfect time to uproot a tree always depends on the species of the tree. Every crop has a suitable time for growth and reproduction, so the atmosphere plays a significant role in the process of uprooting.

It is said that you should always transplant the trees when they are dormant because, in the case of non-dormant trees, roots transfer water through its branches to feed the whole canopy. If you’re planning to uproot a tree when it contains fruits and leaves, you’re likely to cut off its water supply, and it would be difficult for a tree to transplant.

And, in the case of dormant trees, they are not affected by the process of transplantation due to the shedding of their fruit and leaves, and they are not dependent on their water supply as much. Dormant trees and plants have enough time to set up their roots and all other nutrients before the growing season starts.

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How to uproot an old tree in seven basic steps:

uproot an old tree

Step 1– Always make sure that the tree is dormant because it reduces the transplantation shock. It occurs during the autumn season when the tree starts shedding its leaves, until the start of the spring season and before the tree begins to sprout its new growth.

Step 2– It is essential to keep watering the soil for three consecutive days before you start the transplantation process. Due to the water, it will help the root ball to stay moist throughout the uprooting process.

Step 3– You need to tie the branches of the tree with the help of twine, wrap it from the lowest branch to the top branch. This will protect it from careless damage during transportation and make the process of uprooting much easier.

Step 4– With the help of a shovel, you need to dig up the root ball and be careful to avoid any particular damage to the roots. To find out the size of a root ball, measure the diameter of the trunk at its chest height. Then multiply it by 8 to 12 inches for every single inch of the width of the trunk. This will give you the exact size of the root ball and at what diameter you need to dig it up.

Step 5– You need to warp all the soil along with its root ball, with the help of burlap. Execute this procedure by sliding the burlap underneath the root ball by tilting the tree. Then tightly tie the burlap, so that soil and root ball cannot come apart when you’re about to carry it.

Step 6– Lift the tree out of the ground along with its root ball to carry out the process of uprooting.

Step 7– Place the tree at its new location along with its root ball. It would be best if you did not trim any leaves or branches unless it is necessary because the tree will gain a shocking level before uprooting.


It is the best process or procedure to make new plant species. It increases the life of a tree. It is the primary method to maintain the diversity of species. The whole process of uprooting is performed without killing the tree.

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