7 Things to Do on A Family Trip to Kerala

Kerala, one of the finest destinations to visit in South India by North Indians, because who would visit South India living in South India. A trip to Kerala is not complete without experiencing its destination in their truest essence. However, there is no concrete essence, for existence precedes essence, regardless one can always snap himself out of these existential dilemmas to jump right into the lush landscape, wild wildlife and aesthetic anesthetic architectural constructions that intensify the pleasures while traveling down the calm lakes that proclaim peace. Here we suggest some 7 odd but beautiful things that can make you feel that literacy can always find its close connections with intricacy.

Village Tour

Tired of city tours? Well, that is the daily mundane, traveling 9-5 from a Gurgaon office to a Delhi home. Let’s just keep it aside for a while and now imagine, how would a traditional village tour look like? You guessed it right; it will be full of villages. Kerala is famous for small vibrant villages embroidered with local customs& peoples alike. In a village, life stands slow, no one is willing to run for there is nothing much to run after.

Everyone’s the middle class, quite very much the upper class because everything is so cheap. You can frequent the Kumbalanghi area which is surrounded by paddy fields, right on the outskirts of Kochi. India Tourism Guide has a lot of beautiful villages in its itinerary

and some peculiar things to notice, like the model fishery and tourism village relying primarily on agriculture and fishing.

Kala Kathakali Ki

 It is a unique and ancient art form combining dance and drama while being traditional to Kerala. The performers have differentiated dressing designs, not your usual Sabyasachi. In its communication design, Kathakali constitutes costumes and subtle dance movements clubbed with intricate expressions to portray and reveal meaningful Hindu mythological stories.

It’s not as simple as it doesn’t seem, for performers undergo intense training, hours of eye exercises all to learn the art. One can also stop by the Kerala Kathakali Centre or the Cochin Cultural Centre to see a performance.

 Snake Boat Races

 Snake is often warned of and said to be looming around in the dim crannies of the forests in monsoon. Quite a un metaphorically, Snake Boat races also come alive during the monsoon season in Kerala. One, hundred, and fifty, right about 150 feet of canoe-like boats with about 110 rowers culminate their powerful prowess to race along the waterways. Each village has its own prideful snake boat, with a varied size, a varied style, suited to the form of recognition that they seek.

The building of the boat, right along with the celebratory event is a unique essence of the cultures that flourish the water community of Kerala. It’s quite depressing that South India is facing an acute water crisis, while its sentiment with this life-sustaining nourishment is withering away. Nevertheless, these boat races barely lose their competitive vigor, and some egoistic men even go as far as comparing them with Olympic event, filled to the brim with official maladies such as leagues and schedules.

Tea Testing Tasting Trailing

 Kerala hosts big production houses in the Tea sector, with the biggest tea plantations in India situated in Wayanad & Munnar. One can similarly host himself in a typical atmospheric accommodation amongst a serene tea plantation, to explore the hilly surroundings, and hike on tea trails, while tasting some of it along the way.


 Kerala is well renowned for its fine dining cuisine where one can witness regional delicacies comprising seafood, coconut, and other local variations. Feasting on an Indian affair is delightful, but learning how to cook it yourself is something way out of the league. It will remain to be a skill with which you can pamper yourself with. One can also opt for cooking with a local family.

 Try Toddy

Keralites, of course, are intelligent but they are not absolute rationalists when it comes to matters concerning their will. Toddy also is known as Palm Wine is an indigenous alcoholic drink made from the palm tree sap. The sap collected with a coconut palm by the skillful virtue of a tapper, who climbs the tree and drains the whole sap into the container. The nectar is sweet, which when fermented takes on a tart avatar, with a fairly strong kick.

Toddy is served frequently in small shops situated all across Kerala. A connoisseur alcoholic won’t need to worry far too much about where to find his hedonistic phenomenon; he just needs to spot some small thatched shops with wooden benches. If the alcohol revs up your hunger, then you can find some delicious Kerala cuisine and suit it up to your un-adaptive taste buds.

Enter Historic Fort, Kochi

Mumbai has its Gateway to India; Kerala has its Gateway to Kerala which finds its place in Kochi, a city of enchantment and multifarious influences. Several cultures are it the Arabs, the British, the Dutch, the Chinese and quite very well the Portuguese left their mark here.

The architectural heritage appeals and attracts hordes of visitors to this area. Exploring Kochi, one can find Chinese fishing nets, Jewish Synagogues and many other things that are better left for you to discover and experience in its pristine form yourself.

Ancient Port City of Muziris

 Muziris is the multi-cultural trading ports in Kerala, and one of the most important trading ports in the history of this city. Businesses have thrived here for more than 1000 years before a flood severely damaged the city. The area is filled with churches, mosques, synagogues, temples. Quite interestingly, India’s first mosque that is the Cheraman Juma Masjid is situated here.

It’s, of course, a family trip, but that doesn’t limit what one can do as an individual, for Kerala is such a sane and divine land that it maintains its pristine character all the way, paying no heed to your marital status.

So, be it a family man or a college bachelorette, everyone can have a fair share of joy by traveling this adobe of tranquil un-solemn sovereignty, dignity, and poetic justice to your right-leaning life that you had been waiting to change all your life. The time has rightly come, it’s now or never. Or perhaps some days later, but you must go very soon.



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