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8 Insights to the Concrete Flooring Option

How have decorative concrete floors leaped a fringe fashion to such widespread appeal? The desire for ‘customization’ among owners is what the reason is. To make commercial or residential environments uniquely and their own, concrete resurfacing Maryland now gives owners an endless array of choices.

In trendy restaurants, office complexes, schools, industrial spaces, retail outlets, grocery stores, and homes everywhere, decorative concrete floors in stained, colored, painted, and personalized glory are popping up.

Maintenance Matters

To keep your decorative concrete flooring looking its best for years, you should watch these essential maintenance tips. And if you do, you will not experience any undue alarm or concern regarding your decorative concrete long term performance. Here’s a look at the long-term care for decorative commercial flooring.

Applying a base coat, primer, and a topcoat

Most concrete floor systems consist of a primer, a base coat and a top coat made from a UV-resistant material. The various available concrete coatings work so well that stains and discoloration are not generally an issue if the substrate is prepared correctly.

When it comes to the stains, the color flakes are considered to be completely safe and the UV-resistant type will be resisting the fades as well as yellowing.

Employing a concrete cleaner

Typical stain-makers in a commercial space are dirt and debris, and high foot traffic. Most of the materials will be penetrating thereby leaving back a stain shortening the life of the floor surface with an unsealed and uncoated concrete floor.

When you have an adequately coated decorative concrete floor, all of these materials are cleaned with specific cleaners. Most manufacturers say that these radiant floors are suitable for about 10 to 15 years in a high-traffic environment.

Applying a concrete sealer

The floorings are more susceptible to damages as well as staining when the concrete is not sealed in the proper manner. The life of the concrete will be shortened. When you cure your concrete of a concrete sealer, they form an utterly nonporous surface that oil, salts, gas, spills, and bacteria cannot bond to.

Decorative Concrete Staining

Once the curing is done over the concrete, decorative stains are applied… Through the repairs, you will be able to apply the stain and also ensure that the surface is cleaned thoroughly. The stain mix is determined on the color choice and intensity decided on by the client or project manager.

After the chemical reaction that causes the coloring that is completed well within time, the floor is usually washed and is left to dry. Over the top now a protective resin is used leaving a glossy effect over the concrete floorings.

Products like that of the Artecrete are longed fairly by the designers as well as the architects. You will be able to get your hands on a wide range of looks and colors through these products.

The Final Appearance

You will definitely get the most stylish look of the final result with decorative concrete irrespective of being used both indoors and outdoors. They can be textured as well as flat, with a wide range of color options as well as patterns as they all depend on your preferences.

This is a perfect aspect that would give the best look to your home decor as well as commercial places. The onlookers would simply be attracted to your home simply with the looks of it and you are sure to receive loads of compliments through it.

Maintenance of Concrete Floors

If you are searching for a low maintenance option to other floor coverings, you can’t look past concrete floors. Homes and workplaces are easy to clean; there is no longer a need to use harsh chemicals and cleaners.

Spaces are warm and livable, although many people assume the contrary. You can clean a concrete floor with warm water and mild soap.

Don’t Forget Exterior Concrete.

For a stylish look that won’t break the budget, consider stained polished concrete flooring outside your home with the help of residential concrete contractors Maryland. Garages and workshops, drives and pathways, and entertaining area can all look fantastic with decorative concrete staining applied.

While with a non-slip surface, it works well around wet areas too, the high gloss finish makes its design more appealing than alternative flooring. Just like with interior polished concrete floors, there is a wide range of color options available.

The Last Word

Flooring in any commercial environment is subjected to more use and abuse than any other surface in the building. Maintaining it correctly should be considered a part of the investment required to ensure a healthy return on investment.

Maintenance is often the neglected factor that has equal importance in providing that your beautiful commercial flooring life and appearance retention will meet your expectations.

The longer you can make your decorative concrete hold its quality appearance, the less is the average cost of ownership to you and the environment.

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