Learning a New Skill

A Guide to Learning a New Skill

Learning something new at whatever age is a great way to keep the mind focused and challenged. The brain is a muscle, and to keep it working at an optimum level, it’s important to exercise it. In addition, learning is enjoyable, and mastering a new skill is rewarding and boosts mental well-being. So, what do you need to know?


Firstly, decide what you would like to learn and start gathering information. It’s essential to choose something you are confident you will enjoy, but that doesn’t mean you have to go for the easy option. On the contrary, learning something new is about developing different skills, which requires venturing out of your comfort zone. Improving an existing skill, while valuable, won’t be as much of a challenge as finding something you like and starting from scratch.

If your job is mainly office/computer-based, why not change it up and try something creative? Time away from technology is valuable and can open up other opportunities. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn woodworking, then why not enroll in a beginner’s course and give it a try. You may find you’re a natural, and working with different tools and materials to create an object or small piece of furniture is very satisfying.

If you enjoy being on the water, why not try your hand at the various watersports available? Sailing, canoeing, and kayaking all require specific skills and are also great for fitness.

If you are thinking of buying a boat or spending some time on the water, you could enroll in a boating course. For example, gaining a Pennsylvania boaters license will enable you to confidently take your boat on the water. In addition, the training helps equip you with the skills to get out of danger if needed and handle the boat appropriately.


Deciding on a budget is crucial before you embark on your learning journey. Some hobbies are relatively cheap to maintain and others more costly. It’s wise to try things first to determine what you enjoy and how much money you will need to invest in the required kit/training/etc.

Gather information

Once you have decided what you will learn, you should research your new hobby to educate yourself before starting your learning journey. YouTube is an excellent tool for learning about anything with free tutorials available and hands-on demonstrations, perfect if you’re a visual learner.

You can also read about professionals and learn what makes them great. For example, if you decide to play tennis and want to learn techniques,read about famous players and their journeys and what skills they developed to make them the best.


A popular term in the modern world is having a ‘growth mindset; essentially, this means a belief that you can achieve great things and you will not remain dormant in your development. People who have a growth mentality thrive on new challenges and don’t give up when faced with obstacles. Failure is something to be embraced and only exists as a way of learning and projecting forward.

With a positive mind and determination, achieving new things will be a part of life, and you will be armed with many skills and hobbies to enjoy.

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