Apartment Renovation

Apartment renovation – where to start

What kind of repair is needed: surface or major

The order of any repair in the apartment begins with determining the complexity and scope of future work. To refresh the room a little, to make the room bright and clean, it is enough to carry out a superficial cosmetic repair. In this case, they simply change the wallpaper, re-paste the ceiling, replace the laminate, and paint the walls in a different shade.

If you plan to completely get rid of everything old and boring, then you should perform a major overhaul with redevelopment, replacement of windows, installation of new floors, and modern ceilings. Some decide on a designer or renovation. In this case, you need to carefully consider where to start repairs in the apartment, and housing can be completely transformed.

Room design

First, decide on the design and interior of each room in the house that needs to be changed. For rooms where repairs will be carried out, detailed drawings of the successive stages of repair work must be made.

When drawing up a sketch of the repair, be sure to indicate:

  • Furniture arrangement.
  • Placement of chandeliers, lamps.
  • Places for sockets, taking into account household appliances.

The location of decorative elements – paintings, mosaics, large flower pots, etc.

It is advisable to indicate in the plan the option for wall decoration – wallpaper, paint or other building materials.

Create your project in the colors that you ultimately want to see the room. This will allow you to check whether the shades you have chosen are compatible with each other or not. Such sketches are also necessary when ordering an interior design project and turnkey apartment renovation.

List of required tools

Before you make repairs in a new apartment from scratch, take the time to compile a list of necessary building materials and tools. This must be done immediately after choosing the style of the interior. The list of tools will be affected by the type of repair that is planned to be carried out in the house – cosmetic or major.

You can consult with the seller in the hardware store about the tools. And then buy the desired list of products and materials with a small margin. Some tools can be borrowed from friends, and it would be wiser to rent large-sized equipment.

If you do not want to study the stages of repair in a new building or in a secondary building, finishing a country house or one room, you can call a special team of experienced builders who will perform turnkey work with high quality and with a guarantee, while saving you money and time, for example https://remodeling24hours.com/. Having paid people once, you can not worry about the consequences and just wait for the finished result.

Approximate estimate

Planning for future expenses – this is where you should start repairs in the apartment. It is important to correctly budget at the very beginning, when you can control all repair processes as much as possible.

In the estimate, you can add not only building materials and tools, but also other costs:

  1. furniture;
  2. decor elements;
  3. built-in appliances, lighting devices, “smart home”.

You should not take everything from the list at the first store you come across. When deciding how to make repairs in a new or secondary building, go through online stores or construction hypermarkets to choose the best option in terms of quality and cost. This will allow you to carry out repairs in the apartment inexpensively. If you do not plan to do the work on your own, then add to the budget the cost of paying for the services of the construction team.

What will be done independently, and what by the hands of professionals

Regardless of what type of repair is planned in the house, you can do it yourself or with the involvement of a team of builders. If desired, you can call specialists for certain types of work. If you decide to do everything yourself, then look at the master classes on the network, read the instructions for the sequence of repair steps. They will help you understand the repair procedure in the apartment step by step, so that the final result is no worse than that of an experienced master.

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