Almond Butter

Best Breakfast Solution— Almond Butter!

Are you looking for a healthy breakfast option? Almond butter can be the best go-to breakfast choice for you.

Almond butter is extracted from the goodness of almonds and is loaded with vitamins and a rich source of protein. It can be consumed by people practicing weight management or are lactose intolerant.

People with diabetic issues can have almond butter with jaggery. Jaggery is healthier and more nutritious than sugar. It can be an excellent option for a tasty breakfast full of nutrients and fiber. You can easily buy the best almond butter from a recognized online portal for a perfect breakfast solution.

How is Almond Butter made?

Almond butter is simple and easy to make. The key to making creamy almond butter is roasting almonds and then blending them into a smooth paste.

  • Roasting almonds makes it easier to blend and gives a nutty flavor and rich aroma.
  • It requires a high technology sharp blade blender to convert those freshly roasted almonds into delicious almond butter.
  • One or two spoons of oil are added for smoothening the paste.
  • Sugar is also included in some almond butter with flavors like chocolate almond butter, but it’s completely optional.

 Flavoured Almond Butter

Other ingredients are added accordingly to give refined flavors to enhance the taste, as listed below:

  • Sea-salt
  • Maple syrup
  • Vanilla essence
  • Cocoa powder
  • Cinamon
  • Jaggery

Almond Butter with jaggery elevates the flavor and a sweet taste and can be a better substitute for basic almond butter. Almond butter can be blended with various other elements for infusing different and complex flavors.

Some of the blends to get a mixed flavor almond butter are:

  • Cashew and almond

A blend of cashew and almond gives a pure and rich nutty flavor. Cashews are good for the eyes, low in sugar, and boost energy. The combination of cashews and almonds is extremely healthy and full of benefits.

  • Oatmeal and almond

Oatmeal is a high fiber grain, ideal for weight loss. Oatmeal and almonds together are full of fiber and are perfect for people with weight management. It tastes crunchy and is a mouth-watering breakfast option.

  • Coconut and almond

Coconut oil and almond oil both are good for hair and skin. The blend of these two ingredients is laden with solutions to many health problems. The mix of oil of both almond and coconut gives a fresh and smooth buttery flavor.

  • Peanut and almond

Peanut butter is already a widely popular spread. The mixture of peanut and almond butter is perfect for people who are confused between choosing the two. It is loaded with protein and healthy fats.

  • Raisin and almonds

Raisins and almonds have an abundance of iron. The fusion of raisins and almonds helps in treating anemia, prevents cancer, and moderates sugar levels. It’s highly flavorsome and gives a nice sweet and fruity taste.

Almond butter itself is full of health benefits and tastes delicious. If you don’t like blends of almond and other ingredients, then go for the best almond butter available for your breakfast.

Benefits of Almond Butter

Almond butter has countless benefits to enrich our bodies with proper nutrition. Almonds are high in vitamins, antioxidants, iron, and fiber. It improves the overall functioning of our bodies. A few of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Helps in escalating brain activity
  • Makes bones and teeth strong
  • Good for heart and lowers heart diseases
  • Keeps hair strong and skin glowy
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boost immune system
  • Strengthen metabolism
  • Good for pregnant women
  • Assists in Weight loss

Breakfast Options Including Almond Butter

Kickstart your day with a luscious and super nutritious breakfast, including almond butter. Almond butter can be eaten as a spread with amazing breakfast meals. Just a spoonful of almond butter can energize you throughout the day.

Below mentioned are the breakfast choices that can be enjoyed together with almond butter:

  • Pancakes/waffles with almond butter and maple syrup
  • Toasted bread with almond butter and jam
  • Muesli and milk with almond butter
  • Oatmeal/quinoa with banana and almond butter
  • Almond butter muffins or gluten-free bars
  • Almond butter breakfast cookies/cinnamon rolls with granola
  • Apple wrap with almond butter and dry nuts
  • Berrylicious smoothie with almond butter and honey

There are a lot of recipes available online for making the above-mentioned appetizing breakfasts. Adding almond butter can make all these dishes tastier and healthier options for breakfast.


Almond butter is undoubtedly a productive way of having a worthwhile breakfast. It’s super tempting and gives endless satisfaction. It’s a spoonful of virtuous spread that aids our bodies in numerous ways and assists in our day-to-day well-being. Dieticians and nutritionists also recommend having almond butter in our daily diets. Not just breakfast, but you can also have it for other meals during the day. Get yourself the best almond butter today for starting an advanced way of being healthy.

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