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Best Grooming Tips For Men: How To Look And Feel Amazing Always

So you might ask yourself “what is basic grooming tips” that every man should know, and why it is imperative for every man to get on these basic grooming tips; well, we have got you covered, as this article will help answer your questions and shed more light on what basic grooming tips are, and why they are important for men especially.

When it comes to grooming and consciously taking care of the body; half of the men’s population have this erroneous belief that grooming and body care is strictly a woman’s thing.

Most men think that the female species are the ones who are saddled with the responsibility of grooming themselves, while they as men shouldn’t be bothered with such vain acts. Some of them even go as far as saying that grooming affects a man’s masculinity, and reduces him to the level of a woman (whatever that is supposed to mean).

But this is a very wrong assumption because grooming and body care is not gendered; no gender is absolved of taking good care of themselves, most especially their bodies.

Everyone needs to groom and engage in skin and body care regimen for themselves and society as a whole.

What Are Basic Grooming Tips?

Basic grooming tips are fundamental and essential guidelines that teach humans how to maintain, preserve, clean and prepare the body parts.

The whole essence of grooming the body parts is to make these body parts look clean, nice and attractive; and most importantly to make the person look presentable and pleasing to the people they come in contact with.

Is Grooming Necessary For Men?

Based on the foregoing, it is obvious that grooming is not associated with the womenfolk alone. It is something every human should engage in.

Therefore, in answering the above sub-headlining question; yes, grooming is necessary and important for men to consciously do daily.

If as a man you’re wondering why you should subject yourself to grooming, listed below are reasons why you should;

* You are neat and you look good

The ultimate reason why you need to engage in grooming is for you to look exceptionally polished and neat. When you shave your beards, wash your body, trim your nails and practice other grooming tips; you will most definitely look like you just stepped out of a GQ magazine.

* It boosts your confidence as a man

When you know you look good, it works on your psyche and subconsciously improves how you see yourself.

When your self worth is increased, you would not find it difficult to hold your head high in confidence anywhere you find yourself; at work, at school and amidst your family and friends.

When you look good, your self-esteem,  complex and confidence are given a boost.

* You make a good impression on people you come in contact with.

When you look and smell good, you would make a good and lasting impression on the people you come in contact with.

Everywhere you find yourself; at work, social functions and family gatherings, you’d find that people are attracted to you, and they just want to be around you because you are well-groomed and you smell amazing.

Having established the fact that grooming is expedient for men also, this might have you wondering “what is basic grooming tips” for men. Wonder no more, listed below are the basic grooming tips for men.

Basic Grooming Tips For Men

Trim your fingernails

One of the key ways to groom yourself as a man is to keep your hands clean. Keeping your hands clean doesn’t require that you wash your hands with hand gel or hand wash only, it also entails that you cut your nails.

Overgrown nails can abhor dirt and germs, and in a situation where you meet people and might be obligated to shake hands, nursing overgrown nails filled with dirt is one bad way to lose face with the people you are meeting.

Just imagine losing a contract, a job or a business client just because of untidy nails? Disastrous right?

Keeping your feet clean and toenails neat and short is important also.

Take your bath daily

It is undoubtedly true that most men don’t like to bathe daily because they feel bathing daily is a waste of time.

But the truth is that bathing daily is essential to avoid bad body odor and accumulation of germs which can cause more harm to the body.

Hence, to avoid smelling like rotten foods and suffocating people you meet with an unpleasant smell, it is expedient that you should bathe twice daily.

While you are at it, don’t just get under the shower and run your hands over your body, make sure you invest in good body wash and soaps.

Keep your skin oiled and moisturized

An oily, smooth and shiny skin is a plus for you as a man; and glorious sight to behold for people you come in contact with.

Therefore, don’t just bathe and get going. Endeavor to apply body lotion, essential oils, and moisturizers to your skin after bathing.

Your teeth Are important too!!!

When we ingest things, there is every possibility of food remnants sticking in between our teeth, and when this happens, it doesn’t only cause bad breath, it gives room for harmful bacteria to reside and grow in our mouth.

And this is why you need to take good care of your teeth by brushing your teeth twice a day (don’t forget your tongue while you are at it), flossing and also rinsing your mouth with a mouth wash after each meal.

Take proper care of your hair

As a man, you need to properly tend to the hair on your body, most especially the facial hair, the hair in the nose, ears, and eyebrows, the hair on the head and the pubic hair (crotch and armpits).

For the hair on your head, you need to cut your hair regularly to avoid it growing out and falling into your face.

For your beard and mustache, also endeavor to trim the hair around your mouth into a nice proper shape with a razor.

For stray hairs in your nose, ears, and brows, you should do away with them with a tweezer or small-sized razor.

The hairs in the crotch area and the armpits need to be frequently cut also.

Therefore, to avoid looking like an untamed animal with all your hair growing out, you need to trim, shave and cut appropriately.

Apply Colognes/Deodorants

No human is allowed not to use deodorants. Therefore, as a man, you CANNOT do without deodorants.

Because, not only do they make you smell nice, they also keep you refreshed for a long time.

When it comes to applying deodorants/colognes, there are things you need to put in mind.

  • You need to apply deodorants every day, especially when you are going outdoors.
  • You need to invest in genuine, original and high-quality colognes or deodorants. If you don’t know what brand to invest in or where to get them, here you will find some great Michael Jordan colognes that you can invest in.

  • Don’t ‘bathe’ with your cologne. Yes, you want to smell nice, but you also don’t want to overdo it. Hence, you need to know how to apply your deodorant in the right proportion.
  • If you want to mix deodorants, don’t mix too much, two or three deodorants at once is good enough.
  • Now that we have answered the question of “what is basic grooming tips” and why it is essential for men to engage in them, it is important that you stick to them so that you can always look well-groomed at all times.

And against the popular belief that grooming is an expensive activity; grooming doesn’t entail splurging a huge amount of money to look neat and presentable.

All it entails is for you to consciously participate in the above-listed grooming tips, and this will result in you looking good and impeccable, smelling nice and looking stylish and outstanding all year long; without having to empty your bank accounts or get into debts.

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