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3 Important Facts for Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Why Packaging Exist in Industry

The packaging industry exists to provide functional and effective packaging for different companies. Collapsible rigid boxes are one of these solutions. They help the product to be packaged creatively while providing it complete and effective protection at the same time. These boxes are commonly used to package items that are delicate and fragile or have a high value. Their strength prevents these items from being harmed during transit or retail. They have all the qualities of good packaging material, explaining why they are such a popular choice for manufacturers. The most valuable products demand equally good packaging, and rigid boxes are the perfect boxes for that. You might be wondering what the difference is between collapsible boxes and regular cardboard cartons. Why can we not use cartons for the same purposes as a rigid box?

Well, the carton is a good choice for packaging. Both boxes are made of paperboard. They both offer the same levels of physical protection to the product. Both are customizable and suitable for wrapping up any product. But collapsible packaging has the advantage of having a better impression on the customer. The only reason why we use them to present expensive and luxury items is that they add value to the product. You can see an example of rigid boxes being used to package mobile phones, jewelry, designer shoes, watches, and other high-value products.

What are the Advantages of using this type of Packaging?

Collapsible storage boxes are used for a variety of purposes. But why? Let us look at some of the advantages of using this type of packaging.

  • They are strong and stable, which allows them to offer better protection to any item that is wrapped in them.
  • They can be shipped easily. The biggest advantage of a collapsible box is that it can be transformed into a flat sheet. Yes. The hard boxes which look so unyielding can be transformed into a flat sheet. That makes shipping easier and cheaper. You can fit a lot more of these boxes in one container and ship them at once.
  • They can be assembled easily. You just need to shift some flaps and voila, you have a perfectly structured box.
  • They are highly customizable. This means that the manufacturer can design them in any shape, size, color or structure. This quality is very important to make the box represent the company. It helps in increasing sales and promotes the brand.
  • They create an impression. It is not a tangible quality, but these boxes help to boost the presentation of the product and make it more attractive.

These are some facts about these marvelously useful boxes. These qualities allow them to be used as a perfect packaging solution.

Interesting Facts about Collapsible Boxes

By now, you have learned a lot of the famous form of the packaging used by companies like Apple to wrap their precious products in. however, we have made a list of some facts about small collapsible rigid boxes, which will surely blow your mind.

  • They have been around for a long time:

You might think that rigid packaging is a recent innovation. But you would be wrong. The first cardboard boxes were invented in 1809. The first rigid boxes came into existence shortly after. They were invented to hold liquor bottles, guns, and other products that required string boxes. The next time you buy something which has been wrapped in a rigid box, you will see that they haven’t changed much since that time. Although they are a whole lot more widely used now.

  • They are Eco-Friendly

We all hear people saying that excessive packaging is killing nature. Well, plastic packaging surely is polluting our earth. But rigid boxes? They are helping out in the cleaning of the environment. They are made of natural materials like wood pulp and pine cones. The boxes are biodegradable and don’t harm the environment. You do not have any need to throw them away. They can be reused and recycled very effectively. Now that’s what we call perfectly green packaging.

  • They are not used simply for the sake of Packaging

Wait, what? This packaging is not used for packaging? Well, 30% of manufacturers use these rigid boxes to give an aesthetic touch to their products. They can use other materials, but they use these particular boxes. Why? Because they look good. So, they are used to create an impression on the customer. For example, there is no need to use a rigid box for most cosmetic products made by Maybelline. But they use them to attract customers and influence sales.

Here’s another fact. How rich can be a simple box maker be? Well, the industry is worth more than $80 billion. Amazing, right? These boxes have come a long way from when they were treated as unsatisfactory packaging compared to wooden crates. Today, they are the most widely used packaging material in the world.

We have seen what exactly a rigid and collapsible form of packaging is. We saw how advantageous it is for companies that use it. Not just the company, but the consumer also benefits from the use of these packages. We also had a look at some really interesting facts about this form of packaging. In case you are now interested in buying a collapsible box for your company, you can get them easily. Just look for collapsible gift boxes on wholesale rates on the internet and you will find many companies selling custom made boxes at cost-effective rates. Don’t miss out on this chance to make your product look and feel special.

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