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Best Hotels Where You Can Stay In London

Since Corona Virus has interrupted our lives, it has changed our lifestyle completely. Wearing masks, using sanitisers and social distancing became the new normal.

Travelling became one of the riskiest things to do. Since we have become used to this new normal and people have started travelling to different places with all the precautions possible, we will talk about the top best hotels present in London where you can stay with your families and friends.

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The first hotel on our list is The Connaught. To feel London’s Luxuriousness and experience where the historical heritage meets modernity, this is the best place to be.

The place has also been visited by the French President Charles De Gaulle as a guest. With the best view, food and facilities, it wouldn’t be a lie if we said that this is one of London’s best hotels.

  • Shangri La At The Shard

Are you planning to book hotels in London? The Shangri La At The Strand could be the best choice where you can stay with your family. The highest hotel in London is equipped with bars, restaurants, luxurious hotel rooms, an Infinity sky pool on the 52nd floor. This hotel is closely located near the London bridge, more often visited by celebrities.

  • Claridge’s

One of the oldest hotels in London has been winning the hearts of guests across the world, because of the luxurious experience it provides and the elegant interior it holds. It is about 150 years old.

The bar offers vintage champagnes and fine wines that will make you feel emotional at times. You’ll also experience a caring hotel service you’ll miss in other places.

  • The Dorchester

Are you looking for a royal vintage outdoorsy? Then this hotel is perfect for you. It has been serving many Hollywood actors and political leaders since 1931.

To experience the old vintage London city, you must spend some days here. The hotel rooms will give you the luxuriousness and richness that London is famous for.

They have selective furniture and elegant fabrics, which gives it a rich look. Don’t miss out on having fine dining at the only restaurant in London with three Michelin stars.

  • The Athenaeum Hotel And Residences

The next in the list of the best hotels in London is The Athenaeum Hotel and Residences. The place is perfect for a memorable stay with family and friends.

It provides excellent services to the guests, which also includes nanny services. The hotel rooms are beautifully decorated, spacious, airy, and welcoming. This hotel is well known for its afternoon tea and dining delicacies.

  • The Egerton House Hotel

To explore the style that runs in London’s veins, spend a few days in The Egerton House Hotel. The hotel rooms are enormous with welcoming colours that will melt your heart.

The king-sized beds will offer you a luxurious stay, while the comfortable sofa bed and the lounge area will make you get lazy for a few days. The royal suite has a private garden terrace to have a splendid morning breakfast with peaceful surroundings and nature’s quietness.

  • The Berkeley

The Berkeley is way too cosy than anyone else offering the charming luxury and elegance of London. The hotel rooms are luxurious, spacious, and offering phenomenal viewpoints from the expansive windows. 

There is a famous bar named the Blue Bar, down the hotel, which is frequently visited by Hollywood celebrities like Madonna and Leonardo Di Caprio.

You’ll find a Roman-style outdoor swimming pool in the backyard where the guests can spend most of the time. It’s a luxurious homestay that offers an iPad to the guests during their stay.

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In conclusion, these were the top best hotels in London, offering a royal stay in the city of culture and sophistication. The charges are reasonable, especially when you compare the luxury and comfort they offer. London awaits you. Book British Airlines Tickets today to experience the beauty, heritage, and culture of the old British empire with your loved ones. Do not forget to explore the place to the fullest not to miss anything the city has to offer.

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