Artificial Intelligence

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in 2021

The decade has witnessed the growth and development in Science, and day by day more techniques have been introduced to our daily life. Technology has charismatically changed our life and made it easier. Day by day, we are getting dependent on science completely. 

Artificial Intelligence is defined as the mechanical intelligence power, displayed by machines, which is capable of replacing humans, performing the same functions as humans. There are 4 Types of Artificial IntelligenceReactive Machines, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind, Self Aware. They have various applications in our daily life. Let’s discuss the importance of these in our daily life especially in 2021.

Digital lifestyle and employment:

Along with easing the lifestyle, in this covid period where maximum people have lost their jobs and there is a great depletion in GDP and industrial growth, digitalization has brought about a drastic change in the practice of employment. It helped thousands of people connected via several online platforms. 

There is more use of private vehicles in the covid situation to avoid physical contact, or single ride vehicles which in turn has implemented more number of job openings for the drivers and bike riders. Google maps and such ride services have made it easier for people to navigate through.

Household appliances for maintenance of hygiene and sanitization:

2020 has drastically changed the habits and lifestyle of us due to the intervention of covid 19 virus. Proper sanitization and hygiene have become a priority in people’s lives. Artificial Intelligence implements efficient and effortless cleaning within a blink of eyes. 

The lack of transportation and fear of contagion of the virus has made the household life more difficult. Nowadays people prefer to work without any domestic help in their houses, no maids or servants. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for the members to balance all the workload and perform all the household activities with dedication. 

Hence Artificial intelligence gadgets are completely a bliss to people, which provides complete assistance readily available to be explored.

Time-saving process: 

In this continued covid period, Work From Home is the new normal situation. Hence, it becomes difficult for people to maintain several other works at the same time. It is obvious that the functionality of machines is much more time saving and appropriate. Digital assistance has gained popularity and significance.

If manually done, work will take more time whereas digital assistance performs the same within a few hours. On excess working, humans get tired and exhausted whereas a gadget can endure and workload without any hassle. A lot of work is smoothly done by the gadgets without any damage in a limited time. Hence it is a time-saving practice.

Better results and output:

Usage of artificial Intelligence in daily affairs gives better output in every respect. It reduces the risk of human errors. Manual work includes several mistakes that can cause inaccuracies to the obtained result. To reduce such errors, it is advisable to depend on machines as a solution, practically when there is excessive workload or more numbers of delivery. 

Services like problem-solving analytics, home appliances, e-pay process 

The online platform explores and Budget savings:

Digital marketing is more into trends with which you can save time along with excess expenses like labour cost, transportation costs, process fees and so on. It is a complete hassle-free practice that needs proper knowledge of the portal and technical know-how. Digital assistance has made it possible to connect more numbers of customers in a given time, as compared to manual practice. 

Online marketing does not have any hidden cost, no maintenance costs. It is easier to display your products to the viewers and interact with them via digital platforms. This has made sales of products at a reasonable price and more in demand. It has proved to be beneficial for both the seller and the buyer. Easy buying and return and refund policies add up to the perks of online marketing.

Artificial Intelligence has several other applications in our lives and in 2021, it is expected to increase in the order of usage. Our lives are now completely dependent on these applications. Starting from home appliances, E-pay methods, social media platforms till Google map assistance and face detection and finger touch, artificial Intelligence is continuously an integral element in our life.

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