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Best Prank Apps of 2020

If you’re known as the prankster in your social group or household, then it’s most likely you can also appreciate a great prank when you’re on the receiving end. 

But no matter how good a prank is, if it’s played repeatedly the joke runs dry, and it can no longer be used on the same people.

Since prank apps have burst onto the scene, playing newer pranks that people don’t anticipate has never been easier. And thanks to technological advances, keeping anonymous while using a prank calling app is almost a guarantee. 

Below are our top prank apps of 2020, saving you the time of downloading apps you’re going to uninstall 5 minutes later. Let’s start!


If you love making prank calls but fail every time you attempt one, you may need to let the experts call on your behalf. 

This prank calling app offers over 100 prerecorded calls, each containing a hilarious prank scenario- a pharmacist insisting your three months supply of genital wart cream is ready, or a neighbour asking for your Wifi password, or perhaps it’s a friend’s birthday and you’re aiming to make it extra exciting by doing a  birthday prank call.

Since the app is so easy to use, just about anyone could pull off a great prank call. Begin by browsing through the app’s prank scripts and choosing what you like, then select or dial the contact number and make the call. Once the call is connected, the prerecording of your choice will automatically play, pretending to be a real person. 

Prerecordings act remarkably human-like due to the app’s speech recognition AI. This Ai is capable of pausing and responding at the right times by recognizing keywords and keyword phrases, making it almost indistinguishable to a real person.

During prank calls, users can listen in and enjoy the hilarious reactions their friends make. Calls are also recorded so that you can enjoy the fun over and over again. 

Main Features

  • 100+ prerecorded calls offering different prank scenarios
  • Receive one free credit per day to make a prank call
  • Browse their prank categories to select the best ones; these include ‘Love and Relationships’, ‘Top Performing’ and many more. 

Broken Screen Prank

Perhaps no other prank on our list has gone viral more times than the Broken Screen Prank. Extremely straightforward to pull off and just as effective, this app tricks people into believing that you’ve broken their phone with an ultra-realistic cracked screen. 

Perfect for playing on family members as you’ll have access to their phones to install the app, discreetly do so and use the broken screen damage filter that’s available. Afterwards pretend to use their phone and softly drop it on the ground (make sure not actually to damage it).

The phone screen will appear to be severely cracked, even making crackling noises to make it more realistic. Reactions uploaded online typically vary from utter shock and disbelief to real anger, so be warned! Just make sure to reveal the joke before things get too escalated. 


  • Shows a badly cracked screen with realistic cracking sounds 
  • Easy to pull off and more convincing if it’s on a friends phone
  • Great for bringing out extreme reactions so tread with care

MagicCall – Voice Changer App

This hilarious prank call app ensures you’ll never be revealed during a prank call again by changing your speaking voice entirely. 

What’s particularly useful about this voice changer is that you can apply voice changes during a live call, whereby users on similar apps are required to make a prerecording first before changes can occur.

Although voice options aren’t the most imaginative, it will most certainly fool your friends; these include female voice, cartoon voice, male voice, dream girl and kid. However, it doesn’t stop there as you can also have background sound effects giving the impression like you’re at a concert or stuck in traffic. 

Using MagicCall is extremely easy to use, do so by selecting your preferred voice i.e. Male or Dream Girl, and then selecting a background theme. 

Choose your contact or dial a phone number and press call, once it’s connected the voice changer will do its magic (no pun intended) by transforming your voice into the one selected. You will also be able to switch voices during the live call, keeping your friends guessing on who the caller is. 

Main features

  • Contains several voice changers to transform how you sound on a live call
  • Prerecordings aren’t required to apply voice modulations
  • Straightforward and easy to use

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