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Why It’s Important to Breathe Clean Air

There’s no denying the importance of air. You rely on it every minute of every day, and nothing points out that fact more poignantly than when you can’t breathe clean air.

For one young girl, that moment came when the air she inhaled felt thick. Her lungs filled with heat, and her throat felt dry and scratchy – for the first time, she could literally feel the pollutants in the air. She learned the hard way why it’s so important to breathe clean air.

Let’s explore why having clean air is essential for everyone.

Breathe Clean Air

Proper Brain Functioning

Clean air is essential for proper brain functioning. Breathing clean air ensures our brains get the oxygen needed to perform cognitive activities. Oxygen is thought to aid in producing neurotransmitters that drive communication across the brain-blood-barrier, which is essential for learning new information.

Every day, our bodies require certain amounts of oxygen to carry out daily activities. But when the air is polluted with dust, particulate matter, and other toxins, our bodies cannot get the oxygen we need.

This can lead to long-term cognitive impairments. Examples are learning disabilities and decreased IQ. It can also affect the cognitive abilities of the elderly and those with underlying chronic conditions.

Serotonin Release

Serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating emotions, behavior, and cognition. In clean-air environments, serotonin levels are increased through inhalation, leading to greater feelings of well-being and alertness.

Furthermore, air pollutants are linked to inflammation and oxidative stress. Both of which can have damaging long-term effects on the body.

Lung Health

Not only does breathing clean air keep our lungs healthy. It also helps to prevent the onset of diseases such as:

  • asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • emphysema
  • and lung cancer

Without clean air, our bodies can’t get the oxygen necessary to carry out the necessary bodily functions, and our health can suffer. Clean air also helps reduce exposure to particulate matter, lead, and carbon monoxide. This pollution makes it harder to take deep breaths, and for those with pre-existing respiratory conditions, clean air is even more critical.

Proper Cell Functioning

Proper cell functioning is heavily dependent upon a person breathing clean air. Clean air is oxygen-rich, which is essential for proper cellular respiration. Cells need oxygen to generate energy in the form of ATP.

Without sufficient oxygen, cells are unable to perform various metabolic activities properly. Breathing in clean air can also:

  • reduce inflammation
  • improve cardiovascular health
  • support the immune system by removal of toxins

Poor air quality, such as that containing heavy metals or particulate matter, can impair the respiratory efficiency of cells, leading to oxidative stress and subsequent cellular damage. Ingestion of toxins can further inhibit proper cell functioning by creating an imbalance of cellular levels.

Paired with a healthy lifestyle, clean air is paramount to proper cell functioning. To help you have clean air in your home or establishment, check out this air filter company.

Learn Why You Should Breathe Clean Air

It is essential to breathe clean air for a healthy lifestyle. Small environmental efforts such as conserving energy and choosing sustainable practices can significantly improve air quality. Protecting the environment will help ensure future generations breathe clean and healthy air.

Together, let’s all make a conscious effort to help the environment and breathe clean air! In the meantime, browse our webpage for more tips and tricks on a healthy lifestyle.

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