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Brian Ferdinand:Benefits of Corporate Housing Add Up During Business Travel

You toss and turn as you mull over the big preparation you’ll be giving tomorrow. The problem isn’t your presentation, though. And it’s not your nerves. It’s your mattress. Why? Because you’re on a business trip, and the hotel you’ve chosen to stay in for the next few weeks is subpar at best. Next time, you might want to consider booking a corporate housing unit, according to CorpHousing Group Managing Partner Brian Ferdinand in a recently published article.

The Focus of Corporate Housing Companies

According to the insightful travel article, corporate housing is superior to other accommodation options—such as extended stay hotels and furnished apartments—due to their extreme focus on service.

When you check into your corporate housing unit, you’ll likely find staff members who are readily available to assist you. In fact, according to Brian Ferdinand, many companies provide concierge services 24/7. They may also offer “greeter programs” designed to help you to navigate your new surroundings to find external services that you might need.

Corporate housing providers also often provide cleaning services for travelers who require this extra service. In addition, if you prefer not to travel alone, no problem. Many companies will allow you to bring your family members and even your pets to stay with you in your unit.

More Reasons to Fall in Love with Corporate Housing

Another reason why corporate housing makes the most sense for business travelers is because it is relatively affordable. Hotel bills, on the other hand, have a tendency to add up rather quickly. With corporate housing, you can rent a unit for a month or longer while enjoying monetary savings and more amenities to boot.

With corporate housing, you can furthermore enjoy better furniture than what you’d typically find in a hotel room. For instance, you’ll likely receive a more comfy bed as well as plenty of furniture for spreading out and enjoying yourself. For instance, you can enjoy some late-night television on a comfortable couch, enjoy dinner at an actual dining table, and tackle some work assignments at a real desk.

Corporate housing also offers plenty of space, which is especially invaluable if you prefer to travel with your family. Even deluxe hotel rooms or suites can feel claustrophobic after a few weeks, according to Brian Ferdinand. However, a corporate housing unit provides a more home-like environment—one that you wouldn’t mind coming back to night after night for weeks on end.

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