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Business Plan Sample for a Legal and Investigation Firm

Executive Summary

Lennyson & Macey Investigations and Forensics is a legal and Investigation firm situated in Inc. 238 12th street, Mc Donough, Georgia. The company envisions to be the preferred investigative service providers to the American lawyers. Our services will assist law firms in vast areas of jurisdictions such as surveillance, database searches, computer forensics, signature and handwriting forensics, and factual investigations.

With the prior knowledge of dynamicity in the legal industry, the support service industry to the legal profession is also changing. This fluctuation necessitates the positioning of our firm to offer services at the request of all clients. Moreover, the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics forecasts a rising demand for forensic experts with the proportionate raise in populations. With over 165,000 law offices generating about $ 180 billion in annual revenue, investigations and legal service business is a viable venture (Motivans, 2015). Further, the growing demand will be more in the areas of insurance claims and intellectual property. We, therefore, command uniqueness in conducting investigations involving a breach of contracts, intellectual properties, tenancy agreements, development laws, and regulations.

Lennyson & Macey Investigations and Forensics is a client-driven entity that provides broad-based experience at an affordable fee to ensure an overall reduction in cost for seeking justice, especially for the lower-income echelons in the American society. This intention follows the Legal Services Corporation report, which reveals a vast justice gap between the legal needs of the low-income people and the capacity of the civil system of legal aid in fulfilling such needs (Lang, 2011). We, consequently intend to become more efficient in ensuring that we provide the best investigative and forensic services required by our clients to accomplish their goals and objectives.

The firm will at all times showcase her commitment to satisfactory service delivery through flexibility in using state of the art forensic technologies that are reliable and efficient in delivering evidence needed for criminal and economic crime prosecution.

The formation of Lennyson & Macey Investigations and Forensics was by Lennyson and a long term colleague Macey. The management of the organization will be by Macey; he graduated from the School of Criminal Justice at Liberty University. He has extensive experience in computer forensics and factual investigations.

Our Products and Services

Lennyson & Macey Investigations and Forensics intend to deal with a variety of services within the tenets of the law industry of the United States of America. Other than offering cheap alternatives in seeking legal redress, our intention for starting the business is to make profits from the large clientele base across all income cadres. The business offerings include; a factual investigation into an array of criminal cases such as alleged breach of contract in the workplace to determine whether there is sufficient evidence. Further, our expertise intends to meet the demand for handwriting analysis, mainly due to the increase in litigation over wills and estates in the US. Moreover, with raising revolution in technology, propagated crimes like cyber delinquencies, our farm specializes in obtaining digital evidence from computer forensic services. These services will, therefore, capacitate our clients to unravel complex financial, bribery, fraud schemes, and digital theft through forensic evidence analysis, internal investigations, witness reviews, and reconstruction of records.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to assist our robust democracy in the fight against the menace of fraud and corruption, established on our moral values and commitment to complementing government and the private sector in upholding the rule of law. We strive to become Georgia’s preferred forensics firm contributing to an enduring future with integrity. We focus our attention on providing clients and industry with specialized forensic, internal audit, and risk services thereby responding effectively and efficiently to clients’ needs.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a stable, lucrative, and sustainable professional forensic and investigatory firm through the provision of top-notch investigations, specialists, internal audit, and risk management services with enhanced client-specific solutions in good time and consistent with innovative quality services.

Business Structure

Lennyson & Macey Investigations and Forensics will build a concrete business structure that can support the growth of the business. This development is realizable through the recruitment of a competent workforce in achieving the vision. At the helm of the management will be the Directors who are the founders of the entity. With broad-based experience in legal litigations, they have the responsibility of offering directions for the firm by leading the development and implementation of the overall organization’s strategies. Moreover, the directors will not only be responsible for the evaluation of the company’s success; they will be responsible for fixing prices and signing business deals. The directors will also preside over high profile investigations to set the pace for other junior investigation experts. Therefore, the role of the directors will not be ceremonial but will be vital in moving the organization to the next frontier.

The smooth flow of investigation activities requires the division of tasks and specialization. The company has three departments that are answerable to the Board of Directors. These sections include marketing and corporate image, Database, Computer Forensics, factual investigations, and the Finance department. Despite having distinct roles, these departments work closely together for the realization of the organization’s mission and vision. For instance, the marketing and corporate image department are responsible for managing the firm’s public relations. The management of the image outlook of the organization is crucial for the growth and survival of an investigative firm in Georgia. Moreover, the department comprises marketing and public relations experts who develop marketing strategies and offer front office services. Since corporate image describes how company services and products get perceived by the outsiders, this department, therefore, is essential in attracting and maintaining clients.

Further, the Database and Computer Forensics executes the usual business operation motives. This sector handles exclusively cases dealing with information technology like using forensic software applications to retrieve deleted, encrypted, and damaged files which can be material evidence presented in a court of law. The department comprises Certified Forensic Analysts and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators who are capable of offering first-rate investigation proficiency requisite for the credible and efficient recovery of both persistent and volatile data at the request of any legal firm. With the command of these competitive roles, the firm is positioned to outshine most firms in Georgia and thus, is the ultimate solution provider to all legal entities in the US.

Financial management is another essential area of coordination within any institution. The Lennyson & Macey Investigations and Forensics have legal, financial experts within the department who are responsible for the preparation of financial reports, budgets, and financial reports for the organization. Further, this sector is the custodian of all the company’s assets and is in charge of formulating and managing financial systems and policies. This department also analyzes the economic feasibility of the organization’s interventions, for instance, this section works closely with the marketing department in conducting market research to forecast trends in the markets thereby offering a roadmap for the board of directors. As a legal service provider, the firm has an obligation of remitting taxes. The finance department is, therefore responsible for ensuring tax compliance by adhering to the taxation legislation.

SWOT Analysis

The essence of exploring the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats prompted the hiring of a core professional within the scope of business consulting and structuring. The services are essential for building a stable Investigations firm that can favorably compete in the highly competitive service market. Part of the job description of the business consultancy was to conduct the SWOT analysis and prepare the initial marketing plan for Lennyson & Macey Investigations. It is, therefore of the essence to summarize the results from their interventions.

Organizational Strengths

The outcomes of the analysis identified several strengths of the company. For instance, one of the core strengths of the business lies in the workforce. The clear-cut experience base is capable of giving our clients the value for their money. This quality not only positions the entity, but it also can attract loads of clients from the initial launching of the company. Moreover, Lennyson & Macey Investigations harbors the strength of conducting a wide range of forensic services. This strategy ensures that the company’s revenue base does not reduce due to downturn commercial operations.

Further, the robustness of the US economy characterized by high economic performance warrants increased security and opening of branches in a different locality. For instance, the US economic outlook ranks Georgia at position 15 out of the 52 states (Zachmann, Saha & Peruzzi, 2015).). The ranking implies that with the average increase of 6.3 percent weekly earnings, there is a need for forensic commercial litigation services that may be likely to occur from impropriety or breach of contracts. Further, our company takes critical measures of attracting and retaining clients through its elaborate marketing strategies developed by her Corporate Image Department. The classification of these strengths, therefore places expertise base, variety-of-service provision strategy, and proficient Corporate Image department to be internal factors that are controllable by the organization.

Organizational Weaknesses

As a new entity, financial stability is hard to achieve within a few months of operation. This shortfall is due to competition by the already existing companies like Countermeasure Operations Inc. within the locality. Moreover, the initial capital is not adequate for operations to the standards of the existing firms. For instance, the limited resources may limit the marketing budget such that it commands the market share for the Company during the early stages. Even though there may be other cheaper means of attaining more significant marketing results, the adjustment takes more time since they involve the exploration of other alternatives by deriving efficiency out of every dollar. The changes, therefore, necessitates the need for alternative sources of funding from money lending institutions.

Opportunities for Future Growth and Success

The results revealed the potential areas of success for the business. For example, the use of technologies such as digital surveillance for Xbox (XFT device) and video spectral comparator makes the company’s effort of solving crime almost futuristic. This advancement in technological-use places Lennyson & Macey Investigations as a leading solution to instant and reliable evidence extraction for legal entities in McDonough, thus offering other chances for growth and expansion.

Moreover, the raising economic performance of Georgia reduces the risk of uncertainty in expanding the venture. The spillover effects of improved per capita income, for instance, increases the ability of the residence to access legal services at a competitive rate. The economic growth correlates with the need for proper surveillance systems and upscaling of the existing forensic investigation systems (Zachmann, Saha & Peruzzi, 2015).


Several external factors exist which may influence the business, and yet the company may have little or no influence over them. The example of such dynamics includes the uncertainty of the US policies regulating the operations of private Investigation firms. The company has little control over such rules other than remaining optimistic for better outcomes. Despite the current economic stability in McDonough, Georgia, the future trends remain unpredictable and may affect the revenue generated by the firm. Moreover, the operation of other rival firms may also lower the income in the short-run since the existing firms already have a brand and outshined them, thus, require more tactical marketing strategies and efficient service delivery that they cannot offer.

The Market Analysis & Trends

The emergence of several trends in the investigative industry has become distinct. These developments have positioned the firms to survive the peaks and troughs of the ever-fluctuating economy. Moreover, these occurrences facilitate the firms to grow more innovative, competitive, and viable in the international market. While some of the uncertainties emanate from policy formulations, other causes attribute to changing demographics, economic and environmental factors as their causal links (Lang, 2011). For instance, the characteristics of people in terms of age reveals the pattern of crimes in society and, consequently the need to improve on forensic investigations.

Moreover, the Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics publishes more arrests that relate to technological crime like cyber-bullying and specialized system hacking below the age of 50 (Motivans, 2015). The transformations of economic sectors dictate the use of digital machineries such as cloud-based technologies that have storage and accessibility costs. The over-reliance on such techniques has, therefore led to the development and the evolution of information security challenges and cyber threats.

With the surging demand for a technological revolution, the digitization growth rate only thrives for Economies who are not conservatives. For instance, the government of the US through the various university programmes in the University of Illinois intervenes to train students on digital forensics, and it anticipates increasing the demand for such skills. Such initiatives placed North America among the leading regions in terms of revenue from technological advancements. Therefore, the policy formulation of such countries promotes the improvement of technically oriented investigation and legal service delivery.

Despite the rising demands for forensic investigations, another trend whereby our major clients who are law firms face is the reduction in legal fees due to the emergence of non-lawyer professionals such as paralegal experts, legal self-sites, and virtual assistants. As a result, most investigation firms suffer a reduction in clients or low revenue from the few legal firms that receive cases. Moreover, the use of out of court settlement initiatives reduces the number of facts presented before law firms, and by extension, most investigation firms also lose clients. The reduced influx of investigation cases facilitates the formation of mergers, especially for smaller firms. Therefore, many investigation firms all over the United States mergers since the more prominent the firm, the fewer costs of operation to individual partners.

Target Market

Even though Lennyson & Macey Investigations initially target lower to medium-sized firms, the strategy does not compel it from competing with the large firms already existing in Georgia. The company remains optimistic about merging with other firms in the future to dominate the United States. While the business offers a variety of practice areas, it intends to work with financial institutions for security surveillance. Moreover, with its expertise base, the company envision a collaboration with various government departments like the Directorate of Criminal Investigation to assist with outsourced investigation services. Therefore, our envisioned target markets supersede Georgia and comprise of low paced legal firms to government entities.

Competitive Advantage

Studies reveal the competitiveness of legal and investigation firms such that the supply of the services exceeds the demand for justice. To command great competitive advantage, firms have no other options but to form mergers and conglomerations. Even though Lennyson & Macey is a new entrant in the market, its directors and staff are gurus in their various professions since they are legal and forensic investigation practitioners licensed by the US legal professional bodies. Moreover, the employees will receive competitive remunerations and, therefore will be willing to deliver the set goals and achieve the objectives.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Following the foreseen stiff competition, our entity has been able to hire a competitive business developer to handle the sales and marketing issues. The workforce in this department get hired from their vast experience in the industry and receive regular training on emerging issues in sales and marketing to become more competent in achieving the organization’s vision and mission. With these interventions, the company is confident of attracting and retaining more clients.

Funding and Financial Projection

The primary motive of forming this entity is to realize maximum profits from the legal and investigative services it renders. The primary source of capital is its partner’s contribution which is not sufficient. Based on the market feasibility and analysis report, the minimum service fee ranges from 40 dollars to 200 dollars per hour, this sales forecast rate is adequate to finance the company’s recurrent and development expenditures annually. Further, the business will use secure means of financial transactions like bank transfers and bank drafts. Therefore, the entity is capable of access and service loans from the financial institutions which has a memorandum of understanding.

Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

The survival of any legal and Investigative entity depends on the steady flow of customer deals. It is because of such intentions that we offer a variety of forensic, legal, and investigative services. Despite continued efforts in delivering excellent services, the company’s sustainability and expansion strategy to ensure a credible and competent hiring process for employees. Further, the company strives to continue offering a conducive work environment. Moreover, the organization is open to exploring the option of merging with other investigative firms to increase its market share.

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