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Can you still buy FIFA Coins?

FIFA coins are the currency used to buy the best players. They help gamers to boost teams. The coins are sold on multiple platforms. Sellers have different prices. In addition to that, the FIFA coins trade has led to the rise of scammers. As a result of this, you need to purchase from a legit seller.

You will need to know legit sellers and scammers. This will help you to prevent the loss of hard money. Trustworthy sellers deliver FIFA coins in a fast and safe manner. You just need to place coins and get players.

Is it legal to buy coins?

Purchasing FIFA coins is legal depending on the deal made with legit site. The website should be verified by EA and should be bought by real money. In addition to that, you can buy coins from EA but it is more expensive. This is a dream for a few people who have enough money to spend. Also, you can review to buy cheap and legal coins. The coins are first hand and new from professional FIFA gamers who have earned.  EA does not allow gamers to buy coins from a third party. 

You will be confident when you deal with a trusted site. Besides, it will help to gain experience on legit sellers and illegal ones. If you buy illegal coins, EA will send a game warning. They will go ahead and delete the ultimate team then reset if you do it for the second time. Therefore, you will lose cards and all players. Lastly, your account will be disqualified from FIFA if you persist. In case of suspicion, EA will find out through random checks or by someone reporting you. Try your luck on FIFACOIN; it is a cost-effective and safe site. 

Where to buy FIFA coins


First-time gamers should buy FIFA coins from The legit website sells first-hand coins and has over 12 years of experience. It has a goal of meeting different demands of gamers. The site has stable and full stock thus you get coins instantly. Besides that, consumers look forward to work with sellers who have affordable prices. This is the cheapest place you can place your order. Games currencies at the lowest price compared to other legit platforms.

BUYFIFACOIN has a refund policy that helps to buy a coin with confidence. After placing an order, you can go ahead and request for refund and the site will get back to you. You have an opportunity to ask for a 100% refund or the remaining money. Its pride is to make sure customers get 100% secure transaction.

This site uses resources and tools to keep buyers’ protection at peak. Products come from safe professional FIFA coin players. Your personal information including bank accounts will not be disclosed to any party.

Where to avoid buying FIFA coins

It is simple to purchase fake coins in the market today. This situation is overwhelming seeing that you need coins to continue playing. It becomes worse after purchasing something that is not useful. Numerous sites are selling FIFA coins hence you must know a legit one especially for a first-timer.

EA has banned several accounts of gamers who bought coins from a third party. Some gamers claim that they did not receive a warning but EA went ahead and ban their clearly shows that you cannot get coins from a non-registered party. This is against the rules and EA will not be responsible for your loss. Try your luck to send them emails but a banned account will not be unbanned.

Weigh your preferences before buying coins. Options include taking coins as gifts and rewards.  This will add more safety. Additionally, you can read customers’ comments to know more about the supplier. If people talk about getting game warning or coins being cleared, you need to think twice.

How to get FIFA coins

Delivery of coins is safe and fast from legit sellers. Put the player from the ULTIMATE team for sale then get the ordered amount of FIFA coins. The number of FUT coins to be bought depends on you. Sellers have enough amounts of coins in the store. Furthermore, the secret is that you should not purchase coins on a new account. Play more than 50 matches before buying FIFA coins. You should deal with a trusted website that gives a better deal to get desired accessories for winning a match. 

Final thoughts

Gamers want to help friends but sharing FIFA coins or buying is not the way. You can earn coins through trading items on the transfer platform or playing matches. However, you cannot buy coins from a third party. It will be a sign of promoting coin distribution which is against the rules. In addition to that, you should not use the transfer market to earn coins.The three major ways to buy FIFA coins is through trusted sellers such as FIFACOIN, FUT store or console store. You should always strive to earn coins in a legit way. This will give you confidence hence you will not worry about consequences.

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