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Celebrating Diwali Post Parental Separation

Indian markets are flooded with Diya, candles and lamps, thereby indicating the arrival of the festival of lights. We celebrate Diwali to commemorate the triumphant return of Lord Rama to his Kingdom Ayodhya, thereby rejoicing over the king’s reunion with his Kingdom. People look forward to celebrating Diwali by purchasing online Diwali gifts and exchanging Diwali greetings with their loved ones. While Diwali brings hope and joy along with it and is regarded as an occasion of happiness, it may have a different impact on the ones who are going through some personal loss in their life. This personal loss could be anything that causes grief to them.

A person can be sorrowful because of the loss of a job, a failure in an examination, turbulence in emotional life, turbulence in professional life or the pain of separation from parents. Gone are the days when people would agree to live in a toxic relationship because they were concerned about the response of the relatives and other people living in the society. However, today people have become more aware of their mental health, and they would not risk their lives and that of their children by staying in a toxic relationship. Therefore the rates of divorce have increased because of the removal of the stigma that was attached to the concept of divorce.

These days, women do not stay in a marriage where they are not treated equally or beaten frequently.

Today women have become more aware of their rights. Therefore, they have also gathered the strength to walk away from a toxic partner. No doubt, getting divorced or being separated from your toxic partner is good for you, but it may have an effect on your child as well. Therefore the celebration of Diwali can have a different meaning for a child who is still processing through the pain of parental separation. Very often, the children have grown up witnessing violence in their families. Therefore they know the good aspects of their parents being separated. Still, in many cases, the children are not aware of the actual reasons for parental separation and many times, the reasons for parenteral separation can be awful too. Therefore it becomes difficult to think of celebrating Diwali amid the turbulence that is going on in the family.

Each year the children would have reciprocated Diwali with the joy they would have witnessed in the exchange of Diwali gifts for friends, Diwali Flowers, Diwali Cakes and other Diwali gifts among their parents and relatives. However, this year, they would be thinking about the possible chances of holding a celebration. They would also be sceptical of the festival being celebrated or not. After all, Diwali is all about joy and merriment.

However, the kids would be finding it challenging to smile during the tough times of parental separation. So they would hardly be in the mood of burning crackers, getting new clothes or celebrating the festival at all. During such times it becomes really important to be around your kids and make them aware of the good aspects of The Separation or maybe do not let them know about The Separation at all. You can give space and time to the little kid so that they may process this incident and form an opinion so that they can judge the situation better. Although it would be equally tough for the parents and other elders to go through the pain of separation, they must think of some way out in order to deal with their little kid, who has a fragile heart and soul.

You must realise that divorce or parental separation is a massive event for the little kid as it would have multiple effects in their life as well. The child would be asked questions about the same in their social sphere, and they might not be able to respond well to the entire scenario. In such cases, you shall help your child deal better with the people around.

You can also have a little celebration of the festival so that your child can be distracted from the gloom of parental separation, thereby bringing the true light of the festival into their life.

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