Changing Social Media Trends

Changing Social Media Trends

You should also know about the social media trend.  The first is definitely the organic reach is going down Now. Social media platforms want to make money Like Facebook.  The only way they make money is an advertisement.  So they are making it increasingly difficult for businesses to create their audiences organically. So they want businesses to pay money to reach to their audience.

So social media is definitely the fastest growing trend in the history of the world. Be it YouTube Facebook , Twitter,  Instagram people are spending a lot of times on these platforms. The best part is that this sector has grown faster than the internet itself.  Thus the exponential rise of social media.

Even earlier on the Facebook page let’s say you have people who like the page if you used to post you will be able to reach a big amount of audience. But nowadays if you post and you are not boosting your post you won’t be able to reach a big number of even if a lot of people are actually following you. So social is moving more towards pay to play.

Advertisements vs Organic Reach

The more money you ‘ll be paying the bigger the reach of your campaign. Social media algorithms will always prioritize advertisements. So the more businesses are willing to pay the better reach you will get.  So now many people ask me about which is the best network for their social media marketing. Many of you must already know that there is Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Snapchat LinkedIn and there are so many others like Reddit even Quora is getting popular these days.

But the answer to this question of which is the best network there is no correct answer. It all depends upon your strategy.  There is no such thing as the best network.  At the same time, you should know what your goals are from this social marketing campaign.

Facebook Marketing Facts, Tips and Tricks

Let’s start with the most popular channel that is Facebook Launched in and approximately a billion people are actively using Facebook. I can give you so many different stats but Facebook is the big daddy of social media marketing. In my experience especially for marketers digital marketers Facebook is like the best platform to market on.

It has the most targeted ads And if you ll be looking at a Facebook ads video you will understand the kind of targeting options that Facebook give You ll be surprised by the ways.  you can actually market your products.  You ‘ll start to see the kind of power a digital marketer has in influencing a person into making a purchase.  That’s the kind of power Facebook advertisement has.  If you are writing about product reviews like best laptops or best mobile phones, you should write an article on Best Laptops in India, and then share it on facebook. You will get more conversions by a catchy heading.

You can be asked specifically defining your customers down to the socks that he is wearing.  Yes, that is the power of Facebook ads. Images will get a much higher click rate compared to written content so whenever you are targeting Facebook as a social media channel you use more visual contents like images videos etc.  And also you can use a user-generated content like give the readers a chance to share something about themselves by offering them a conversation starter. And also you have to have some personal touch when you re going on Facebook ads as a social media marketing channel.

it is responding to people s post comment them help them out. You can also create a more personal touch by sharing things about yourself but also you have to keep maintain an extent to which that you can share.  And in the end, it’s all about trial and error try different things and see which ones are working for your audience.

So should you be on Facebook for your marketing channel If you re thinking of creating more leads? in my experience, I ‘ve seen that Facebook can be used by all the businesses out there. Because there is some kind of advertisement some kind of branding or conversion funnel.  For facebook targeting you need a laptop, wifi, and a good I.q. you can start Just the amount of targeting that Facebook provides it becomes a paradise for a marketer.

You can increase the website traffic, you can increase the brand loyalty, you can unread targeting ads, you can do so many things on Facebook.  So if you haven t started using Facebook make sure you start Now.

These are the Changing Social Media Trends. You Need to Focus on Your Right Platform.

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