Check The Online Methods To Make Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment Seamlessly

Check The Online Methods To Make Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment Seamlessly

An Airtel customer is usually a happy customer and there are plenty of reasons for it. The telecom giant has maintained a sharp focus on the customer experience and expectations and has provided a superior quality to its customers. Airtel takes great care to provide high customer satisfaction whether you are a customer using Airtel broadband, DTH, prepaid, or postpaid connection. In the postpaid it is a market leader and it has perfected all aspects of the postpaid connection according to the customer needs with changing times. One of these aspects is the ease of bill payment for Airtel Postpaid customers which can be done from the comfort of their home, through a safe online transaction.

Let us see the various methods through which you can make your Airtel postpaid bill payment online.

  • Airtel Thanks App: The foremost and simplest method for an easy bill payment is Airtel Thanks App. If you are a registered member, you will have to click on the tab of ‘pay bill’ which will be followed by entering the amount of your bill. Now you can carry out the transaction process through your debit card or credit card, or UPI account. There is absolutely no hassle that you have to come across while paying your postpaid bill through Airtel Thanks App.
  • Airtel Website: Although a little longer method, the customers can easily pay their bills through their Airtel website which leads them to the payment gateway. From there the customers can use their Debit/Credit card or Internet banking to make the payment. This process is a little longer due to the requirement of logging in and putting in all your details before the payment can be made.
  • Paytm: If you are registered to Paytm, you just have to enter the app and go to the postpaid tab. You will find many postpaid service providers there listed in the app. You have to choose Airtel as your operator. The next thing you would need to do is to enter your mobile number and then choose the circle to which your phone number is registered. While you are entering all the required details, you will come across various promo codes. You can go through the promo codes and choose the one that may give you some kind of benefit. As you enter all these details, you will receive an OTP on your number and then you have to enter the same code in the space provided on the app. Now you can make the final transaction through your debit card or credit card or your bank account.
  • Freecharge: The steps of Freecharge are precisely like Paytm. You only have to register your number with the Freecharge app and you can carry on with the process of online bill payment.
  • ICICI Bank Quick Pay Service: You do not have to register, and can only log on to ICICI Bank Quick Pay service.While using the service, you will come across the tab to make your Airtel postpaid bill payment. The only thing that you would need to have is an ICICI Bank Internet banking User ID and password. Also, be sure of entering correct details to avoid a situation of wrong payment.

Airtel postpaid bill payment can be done through various ways. The most important thing you need to be certain about is the security of the site or app that you are using. However, the above mentioned options are completely safe to carry out a transaction or pay your Airtel postpaid bills. If you wish you can also set up the Direct Debit so that the monthly bill is automatically deducted from your credit card. The other details can be found on the Direct Debit page on the Airtel Website.

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