Student Housing

Choosing the Best Student Housing in Unprecedented Times

The arrival of the global pandemic turned almost every aspect of college life upside down. Gone were the carefree days of going to class, hanging out with friends and cheering for your university sports teams. Many schools completely shut down and sent most of their enrollees home. When the new fall semester arrived, a touch of normalcy was restored but social distancing and masks were still the new norm.

For many years, dorm rooms were a popular option for undergraduates attending their chosen university. Their on-campus location and sense of community led to dorms being the default, in a way. Now, with the pandemic, dorms are a far riskier choice than off-campus student apartment housing. More and more individuals are choosing off-campus options, both for safety and to save money in these troubled times.

Avoiding Crowded Residence Halls

Dorms were typically designed with one thing in mind. They were built to house as many students as possible in the least amount of space. While there are a few single dorm rooms, most offerings consist of small spaces with several individuals sharing the square footage. In the time of the virus, you have multiple people jammed into tight quarters instead of private spaces that offer room to social distance.

When you choose off-campus student housing you’ll get an apartment where each individual has their own private room. Instead of being forced to share space you’ll be able to read, study, relax and hang out in your own room. You can open your window at night and breathe fresh air instead of sharing a small, cramped place with several other roommates sleeping right next to you.

Affordable Pricing

When it comes time to search for the best student apartment, you’ll want to work with a company that has lots of great student housing options. A property management company that focuses on their students’ needs will also offer a wide variety of units at affordable prices. Instead of having restricted dorm room choices you’ll be free to choose the perfect unit at a great price.

You’ll also be able to choose the setup that works best for you and your roommates. If you have several friends you want to live with you could select a dwelling for four and save money by sharing the rent across more people. A dorm room with four students would be horribly crowded, but an apartment for four provides has a lot more private space for each of its occupants.

Other Great Amenities

In addition to having your own private room in your apartment, each person also has their own private bath. There’s no need to queue up to share crowded, communal dorm bathrooms. You’ll be able to use your bathroom whenever you want and you’ll be safe because you can keep everything germ-free.

Choosing an off-campus apartment also brings other benefits. Within the unit you’ll have a complete kitchen where you can prepare all of your meals. Instead of having to pay for an expensive food plan, you’ll be able to shop the grocery store sales and make food from scratch. Most units also include a washer and dryer, so you’ll save on laundry costs too. If you want to stay safe while you are attending college, it’s best to choose off-campus student apartments over dorm living right now. You’ll have more amenities, be able to improve your social distancing and can save money too.

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